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Nano Superdrive covered in Exhibitor Magazine

Happy to announce this. For the first time ever, I have earned a few dollars by permitting a magazine to use my photos.

Exhibitor Magazine is an international magazine that focuses on industry events, exhibitions and so on. The Tata Nano Superdrive 2010 edition, (of which I was a part of as one of the 3 Official bloggers) has caught the attention of this magazine and its August issue carries a detailed story.

If you have time, do read this, because it shares lot of inside information we were either not aware of or were not authorized to talk/write about.

The article puts the money spent on Nano Superdrive 1 at about 1.3 crore INR. Article also talks about the social media side of Tata Nano superdrive- how the event was being managed online and its results and so on

A web version of the article can be found here. The article uses photographs taken by us, the official bloggers. It makes a general reference to us saying "Shobiz reps blogged the event", without any specific credit.

It showcases photos clicked by fellow Nano Superdrive bloggers- Sankara and Deb whose photos have been relatively superior to mine. Thanks to them for all the support during the event and later.

Usually event management company hardly gets any credit when an event becomes successful. The event management company in this case is Shobiz entertainment. Thousands of Shobiz employees and their vendors have worked day in and day out, in order to plan the event and ensure that it gets executed as planned. Working with these guys opens up another side of the event management to you. They work under constant pressure from the client, their seniors, people on the ground, officials like Police and so on. They often work so hard, compromising on their own comfort, rest and preferences.Though they're the best people who can talk about the event to media, often they're not authorized to do so. Now that the name of the event management company is public, I wish to take this opportunity to thank all the employees of Shobiz, with whom I had the chance to work during Nano Superdrive 1

Shobiz event managers who were running Nano Superdrive show... Ravi Mehta (Centre) managed the hotel events (interaction with nano customers) in every city, while Shiva (right) managed the road show for Green Route.

Below: Shobiz Senior Management

It is nice to see an international magazine covering details of an event we were part of. It is a good event to cherish. Unfortunately I couldn't attend the second edition of the event (2011)

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