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Hotel Grand Seasons, Kuala Lumpur : Review

While planning KL trip, I booked rooms at Hotel Grand seasons. Though I had my eyes on much cheaper hotels, Grand Seasons came highly recommended from a colleague and since I was going with family, opted to spend extra and book a good hotel.

Hotel looks majestic and is visible from a distance. Lobby and interiors were spacious and good.

Breakfast costs about 25RM and dinner costs about 30RM, after discounts and taxes. Breakfast is not complementary with some of the promo room rentals. Food was just fine by Indian standards, but considering that we were outside India, I should say it was good. For dinner hotel has a dedicated section in basement for Indian Style Buffet.

A 48 hours stay for 3 people (2 rooms) costed us about 16k INR, including food bill for one of the days (On Day 2 we ate outside). There're much cheaper alternatives available if you're tight on budget.

What was good:
  • If you get the right room, you can view KL tower and Petronas twin tower, both from your window
  • Swimming Pool at 11th floor is nice
  • Hotel gives free city map, which is helpful for basic planning
  • Booking was simple and could be done easily online. There was no need to pay in advance.
  • Located at a walk-able distance from Chow-kit monorail station, saved us some taxi expense.
  • Has all standard facilities- Spa, Business Centre, Gym etc. Most of them are chargeable extra
Below: View of the grand seasons hotel building- first photo is taken from the street and second from top of KL Tower.

Not so good:
  • No 24 hour check in check out format.
  • Very few support staff. If you need anything or if there’re any issues, takes considerable time.
  • A room we were allotted at first had water leakage problem. When complained we were shifted to another room, but we lost 30 minutes of rest in the process
  • Not all rooms are of same size, though rent is same.
  • Hotel has 35 floors but last few floors are not accessible to guests. Nothing on top floor. Would have been nice to have a restaurant or observation deck etc on top floor
  • Hotel staff tried to convince us to book a taxi till LCCT, when we knew we can travel much cheaper by taking bus from KL Sentral
  • No email address on their website. If there’re any issues/communication to be done, phone is the only option.
  • Hotel offers free shuttle to KLCC and back, but this is only once a day and not always useful- departs at 11AM and returns at 3.30PM
  • No baggage scanners/security measures.
  • For a building with 35 floors, lifts could have been bit faster.
  • Hotel took full 2 weeks after my check out, to release the amount blocked on my card.
Below: View from our hotel room in 24th level. Note Petronas twin tower and KL tower both being visible in one view.
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