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Kuala Lumpur : China Town photos

After getting down at a Monorail station called Maharajalela, we headed towards China town area. We reached China town area by about 5PM. China town looks its best in night time, with all its lights on. When we reached there by 5, the shopkeepers were just beginning to set their shops on the road.

Before we reached China town market place, we stopped by what looked like a chinese temple- don't have more details on this- just the pictures

China town is a place for cheap dress materials, shoes and electronic items. A simple t-shirt which we'd bought the previous day at KL tower for RM9 (Rs 135) was available in China town for RM6 (Rs 90). No visible difference in quality.

China town has couple of hotels which cost one tenth of standard hotels. I only saw the signage and didn't go inside to check the status of rooms. But if you're on shoestring budget, you might wish to consider staying here.
Below: Photos of a temple near China town area

Below: A nice white building, Chinese Assembly Hall

Below: A worker fixes the outer frame which forms the boundaries of his shop.
Below: Menu card of a chinese restaurant.. Now I can claim I know how to read 3 Chinese words. On the right side is a street adjacent to China town area.

Couple of photos of the food outlets... You get to pick a live frog or any other animal and they'll cook it for you
We didn't bother buying anything here, just roamed around a bit. Thankfully, some options for vegetarian people
A nice building nearby
A shoe shop. All of China town area is full of small shops like this selling various merchandise, often fake ones of reputed brands.

Another eatery on the road side

A pet shop had couple of dogs for sale. This dog was tagged at INR equivalent of Rs 30000. Hope whoever buys this pet keeps it as a pet and not a consumable.

I feel this place can be skipped if on tight schedule. Nothing unique or interesting unless you're a non-vegetarian or fan of Chinese foods, or like shopping cheap stuff. Strict vegetarians will feel uncomfortable in this area


  1. thank you for the wonderful virtual tour!

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  3. so how was the shopping?

  4. That is brilliant, I have always wanted to go to Malaysia for shopping looks like I have to make a trip very fast.

  5. great shots. love to see the cultures in photos

  6. Jidhu Jose: Thanks

    Vikram: Keep an eye on AirAsia for promo fares

    Confused yupppie: We didn't shop anything. Just explored the area and came bac


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