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Bharachukki falls, Shivanasamudram, Mysore

Bharachukki falls is one of the twin falls near Mysuru. Along with its cousin Gaganachukki, Bharachukki attracts lots of tourists. My last visit to Bharachukki was in 2008 and recently visited again. I could see that some good infra development has happened around this place- now it has proper stairs, benches to sit and toilet facility.

Those in hurry can view it from the top and return, those who have time can go down further to get closer look of the falls. However, if the water levels are too high (when it rains a lot), authorities close the provision to go down to the foot of the falls (for safety reasons), hence one has to be little lucky to be there at the right time.

Bharachukki, along with its cousin Gaganachukki, attracts lots of tourist inflow. Calm, serene and scenic ambiance makes you fall in love with the place instantly. The July 2014 pictures are not that inspiring, owing to poor rainfall. Check this post from Shande where he has compared 2013 and 2014 views.

Cars had to be parked far away, so it wasn't possible to get a decent picture of Fortuner with Bharachukki in background.

Rs 20 vehicle entry fee applies. Tender coconut and few other items are available for purchase. Due to a weak bridge, there was a height barrier on the road leading to the falls from Mysore side. Bigger vehicles like Force Traveler won't be able to clear it and will have to take circuitous route.

Bharachukki is some 140kms from Bengaluru via Kanakapura road, 80kms from Mysore.

Talakadu, Somanathapura, Bheemeshwari are few other nearby destination. 


  1. Beautiful and refreshing photos :) seems a must visit place in rainy season :)

  2. Wow nice images...
    But a visit to this place is even more refreshing in rainy season..
    One day picnic has to be beautifully managed... !!!
    Thanks for sharing Srinidhi..
    Good Day :)

  3. Lovely pics & place! Waterfalls are always so picturesque & wonderful! Good escape from the heat :)

  4. never heard about this fall ....thanks for sharing with us !

  5. Been here a few years back. When the water levels are high, it looks beautiful.

  6. I had been to these falls last year.
    Picturesque captures by you. :)


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