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Pretty faces of Bangkok

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Last in, first out: This was the last event I witnessed in Bangkok before heading back home and I thought of writing about it first.

We had a free day last Saturday and I headed out to Grand Palace area. Next to the palace is a big ground, with stalls set on its periphery and a big stage in the centre. As I went close, I noticed that some cultural events were being practiced.

A group of young men and women were rehearsing the dance sequence, which I was told is meant to be performed on August 12th, on the occasion of queen’s birthday. They were performing classical dance using earthen pots, coconut shells and other traditional items. Clad in colorful dresses and topped up with some make up and jewelry, I could take some good portrait shots of their faces and made some videos of their performance.


After the rehearsals they took group photos, which gave me an opportunity to click some more snaps

Will publish videos later once I edit them a bit...

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  1. Oh, so this is what you did on the last day! :)

  2. @Nisha: Yes :) and visited few more places...

    @Deepak: Thanks

  3. great capture

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  4. Its a nice country and very warm people. Nice pictures.

  5. @Shweta: True that

    Niranjan: Thanks..

    @Shilpa: Thanks

  6. Great ! I knew that you come with great pictures on last day :)


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