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Tiger temple Thailand upclose photos with the cats

These are the photos from my December 2013 tiger temple visit, during the Ride Thailand bike trip.
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This was my second visit to Tiger temple, during which we spent little less time than my first visit- we could spend some time petting the tigers, but didn't have time to take them for a walk or participate in other activities like feeding the cubs etc.

Nevertheless, it was good to be back. If things go as planned, I might go there again.

This time we saw a monk getting close with tigers- petting them, teasing them, letting them sleep on his arms and so on. The amount of faith and trust the big cats show in the monk is unbelievable. Even your pet dog may not obey you that much.

 That is me petting a tiger!
 Few up close photos of the tiger face

Did you call me?
 Volunteers and tigers
Herbivores roaming freely in the campus

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  1. Wow! Weren't you scared?
    Has it ever happened with these people that a 'trusted' tiger has hurt them, I wonder.

  2. Wowie..just amazing
    wild photography and u dare to took it a closest range..
    Great Pics
    Good Day :)

  3. Nice close up shots.
    I can see they are chained. Were they drugged too?

  4. Amazing pix...the beast looks majestic and so tamed

  5. You sure are lucky to be there and experience nature at its best.

  6. Wonderful photos of such beautiful examples of nature. Hope to see you in Jomtien Beach some time.

  7. wow Tiger Temple, never heard till now and thanks for that i just love all kinds of cats and this one is cute!

  8. @Nimi:
    No. I was little away and was using my zoom lens

    If you search on internet you will find some occasional reports of aggression.

    @Veena: Thanks

    @Yogi: Thanks

    There are some accusations of drug use, but as far as I know nothing proved. I have no way of verifying it. But they'd lost their natural aggression for sure.

    @Rakesh: Thanks

    @Meghana: Thanks

    @Bushra and AT: Thanks

    @charles: Not sure when I will be able to make it to Jomtien Beach. Let us see

    Thanks Anita and Lata

  9. The tigers at the Tiger Temple are highly abused. The tigers are extremely drugged so that they won't hurt people. A quick Google search on Tiger Temple will tell you everything you need to know about the abuse. This place needs to be shut down.

  10. Lovely captures Shrinidhi. It definitely was an exciting moment.

  11. Thanks Niranjan

    Susan: I've read about those accusations, but not sure if any authorized agency has proved it

  12. actually i make a plan to visit tiger temple can u tel me about expenses to visit & shoot a pic with tiger i kno0w about entry fees 600 bhat & donation 1000 bhat to take picture of tiger head on lap. is there any other cost please mail me in sdib49@gmail.com.

    And what is the cost of scuba drive & para sailling in coral island


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