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Visiting Thailand-Kanchanaburi, Hua Hin and Bangkok

I am currently touring Thailand- arrived yesterday and will be around for a week. I am being shown around by TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand), along with a group consisting of travel/lifestyle bloggers, writers, media professionals, travel agents and other people involved in promoting tourism. The delegation also has few people from Srilanka. 

Unlike last December, we are not biking around. [In December 2013, where we drove Kawasaki Versys and Honda CB500x superbikes for more than 2000kms all across northern Thailand.  I’ve written about it here in my blog and also in Ghumakkar and few other blogs.  Current visit involving exploring Kanchanaburi,  Hua Hin, Phetchaburi Province and Bangkok. A bit of history, little bit of beach and lots of temples. We are being driven around in a Jumbo bus that has massaging seats (which unfortunately switch off after few mins on their own :) ). This is my 3rd visit to Thailand but this time, exploring new destinations and few new places. The company of some of the elite bloggers, writers, consultants and other inspiring individuals is making this trip more enriching.

On Day 1 we arrived safely at Bangkok, took Visa on arrival [Details]. This time I opted for fast track lane which costed 200 baht more, because the team from Mumbai had arrived about an hour earlier and I didn't want to keep them waiting because of me. Visa processing was super smooth and quick.

After breakfast in Novotel, we headed to Kanchanaburi. Avoiding Bangkok city traffic, our bus took an outer ring road. Lunch at Felix River Kwai Resort and a visit to Erawan waterfalls. Shortage of time meant we could only explore part of the falls (It has 7 levels and we could explore only 2- reason to come back again).

Weather is pleasant, with ocassional light rains.

 Erawan waterfalls, Kanchanaburi, Thailand- Above: First fall, Below: second one

Bridge over river Kwai- few wide angle photos

Also watch: Sunrise at River Kwai

War memorial

The Felix River Kwai resort seem to resemble Park Hyatt Goa in overall design. This resort has a large campus, numerous rooms and ability to support large events, weddings or more. Unfortunately we are spending only 1 night here.

I am experimenting with GoPro on this trip. Day 2 (today) involves visiting Hellfire pass, Tiger temple (my 3rd visit and still looking forward to, view some pics here) and reaching Hua Hin city.  Will update on the go as possible.


  1. Wonderful, Shrinidhi. Reminded me of our bike ride across Thailand.

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  4. Lovely photography. Welcome to Thailand

  5. Thailand has so much to offer and I think checking out the not so famous destinations is always more challenging and fun. You sure seem to be getting enough of both.

  6. THanks Mahesh Divya

    Niranjan: True... spotted a few biking groups riding in opposite direction.. bus goes much slower compared to our bike speeds :)

    Charles: Thanks

    AT: Yes, managing to explore a bit by bit, but there's still a lot more. For example, our resort alone needs 2 days to fully explore

    Siddhartha: Yes it is...

  7. Chennagide! Very nice, sir. Your blog is getting you some side income and trips like this one.

    As they say in Hindi - Muft ka chandan, ghiso Nandan. Enjoy your trip and safe travels.

  8. @Prithvi

    Thanks. But do note that it is not 100% free. I loose my 1 week salary as I take leave, we need to pay for our own Visa and few other incidental expenses. Plus, considerable time and effort will have to be spent to study the place, work on our photos and videos and write about them.

  9. Thanks Siddhartha..

    View all Thailand posts here

  10. Great blog. I really enjoyed reading your post. I have heard that Thailand is great place for all kinds of vacationers. I really loved the pictures you have posted in your blog. My favourite ones would be the pictures taken at Erawan waterfalls. Shrinidhi, I had a great time reading about your Thailand experience.


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