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Ultra Luxury rooms in Evolve Back Hampi- Nivasa, Nilaya, Zenana and Jal Mahal!

If you are curious about how the rooms at Evolve Back (formerly Orange county) look like, what features they have on offer, this post is just for you. Here I am sharing photos and details of 4 different category of Room types at Evolve Back Resorts Hampi, where I stayed last weekend and got a tour of the property. I have a separate post lined up covering unique features of the Evolve Back's Hampi resort, so in this post we focus exclusively on the room types. The four categories in Orange County Resorts Hampi are namely Nivasa, Nilaya, Zenana and Jal Mahal. Let us take a closer look at each of the room types, from cheaper Nivasa one to the ultra luxurious Jal Mahal

1. Nivasa Deluxe Suite: Nivasa is the cheapest room option in Evolve Back Resorts Hampi, but don’t underestimate it, as it has a total area of approx 950 sq ft (or 88 sq meters, as per booking.com), larger than most expensive rooms in most luxury hotels. Nivasa layout involves one main section that houses a dining table, bed and sit-out/living area and adjacent to this will be a large bathroom facility and an open area with Jacuzzi. Everything in the room is designed with royal theme in mind- doors, chairs, bed all have lots of vintage looking wood, reinforced with metal frames for durability. The switches, fans and lamps also get a vintage theme. Roof gets wooden beam into which lights are embedded. However there is a digital panel for AC control.

The bed gets a curtain on top, creating a feeling as if someone is operating large hand fans.

Bathroom taps have an impressive design- of an additional flowing space before water drops out- this adds a feeling of natural flow. Large window can be closed with an electronically operated curtain, a bathtub and shower chamber are standard in all rooms. From the bathroom there is a secondary door to enter the open area and Jacuzzi- opens only from inside as a security measure.

Nivasa Deluxe suits have a list price of 33k per night inclusive of taxes. I was put up in this room for two nights.

2 Nilaya Terrace Suite: Nilaya is similar to Nivasa but gets  an open balcony as extra feature. The balcony space can be used for private/romantic dining or any other purposes. Nilayas are on first floor only. Nilaya is also more spacious at about 1300 sq foot (including room, bathroom, balcony everything)
Nilaya Terrace Suit costs approximately 38k per night.

3 Zenana Palace suite: Zenanas are the corner rooms in  Evolve Back Resorts Hampi offering lots of light (due to additional windows), great 270 degree view, a balcony and loads of space. It gets additional living room and dining room not available in Nilaya and Nivasa. Zenanas are historically queens’ quarters in any palace. Zenana rentals are listed at about 44 k INR per night and offers about 1400 sq ft of total space.

Above: Left side view from the balcony of one of the Zenana room at Evolve Back Hampi
Below: Right side view from the same balcony
Above: View of the windows of Zenana room
Below: View from another window of the same room

 Above: Bathroom and Jacuzzi in a Zenana category room, Orange County Hampi

4 Jal Mahal: 
Jal Mahal are the most luxurious stay option in Orange County Hampi

The most expensive and luxurious option- Jal Mahal are spacious villas that are seen on the right side while heading towards the main building from the entrance. Jal Mahal is reportedly conceptualized and designed personally by MD of Orange county. (OCR has a good team of in house architects and designers)

Jal Mahal is surrounded by water on 3 sides, with a set of steps leading to main door. Another set of steps, which are a few CM short in height and gets well hidden in water is also in place, which is for service staff entry. This creates an exclusive feel for the guests.

Upon entering, one is greeted to a living room and bed room which have full open window- from ceiling till floor, with the pool view outside. The area beyond the pool is private, with no staff or other guests entry.

Jal Mahal reportedly costs 55k per nights. Jal Mahal is not listed on OCR website or partners like booking.com. I guess you need to call them for reservations

There is no terrace access in Jal Mahal (that would have been cool, but the risk is it will compromise privacy for neighboring Jal Mahal guest)

Above: Some photos of Jal Mahal lineup from various angles/time of the day.

In total  Evolve Back Resorts Hampi has 46 rooms- about 8 Jal Mahals, 8 Zenanas, 2 rooms for differently able rooms, rest a mix of entry Nivasa and Nilayas. Few of the Nivasa category rooms in the centre of the property are large enough to qualify as Zenana but are offered at lower category because they don’t have an outside view or balcony. Each room can take couple of extra beds easily.

Disclaimer: Prices are indicative and as seen on  Evolve Back Resorts website at the time of preparing this post. Room photos and features as shown to me during campus tour.  Rates, features etc are subject to change/enhancement over time. Please check with Orange County for latest information.

Standby for more posts on Hampi and  Evolve Back Resorts Hampi

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  1. Whoa! I like the designs they have... they are based on Hampi monuments.

  2. @Indrani- yes. Wait for my next post...

    @Sims: True... at its best

  3. Its amazing and beautiful, natural surroundings at its best..

  4. Is Jacuzzi also available in jal mahal??

  5. @abhishek- Yes. Why do you think otherwise?

  6. Becoz it has private pool outside. So think that there will be no private jacuzzi in the room . Thanks for the info. Goin to explore the jal mahal in jan 2017.

  7. Ok. Pool is extra. It does have an elaborate bathroom with Jacuzzi. How can top category room not have features available in cheaper rooms.

    Enjoy your stay.

  8. In coorg they dnt have jacuzzi in private pool villa !! Thats y i asked !

  9. Ok, sure. I have not been to rest of their properties.

    Also note that it is better to confirm with the brand before booking for official and latest information.

    Have nice stay


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