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Sunflower Fields at Hiriyur enroute to Hampi

As you may be aware, I am back from a short trip to Unesco World Heritage site, Hampi in Karnataka. This trip was on invitation from Orange County Resorts, whose all new Hampi property has been operational since April this year.

While I am putting together the posts that would cover the luxury resort and our visits to ruins of Hampi, this post shares a set of pictures clicked on the way- at a sunflower field between Hiriyur and Challakere.



  1. Beautiful Photographs, somehow every time a plan a trip to Hampi somehow it gets cancelled. Will keep trying :)

  2. Lovely, lovely captures. :)

    I have heard so much about those sunflower fields but haven't got a chance to visit them till now.

  3. Thanks Jyotirmoy, Rupam

    @Subhadip: Hopefully you will be able to make it next time

    @nisha- Thanks. There are many in Karnataka. Do visit. I will tell you where to find them

  4. How beautiful. We are travelling from Mangalore to Hampi. Do you know any fields that are on this route? Also what time of the year can we see these?

    1. Hi, Sorry these are hard to predict in advance as season, fields where farmers grow it and condition of crop vary. Keep your eyes open, check with locals on the way.

  5. Plss share the location with mee ASAP - IM NEAR HIRIYUR.


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