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The bridges across River Godavari, Rajahmundry

Rajahmundry by the Godavari river- Town of bridges

After exploring Dindi, we took a bus to Rajahmundry. I wasn’t very sure what exactly to do/expect in this town. I had half a day to spare before my night train to Vijayawada. Upon arrival in Rajahmundry, I saw ISKCON temple close-by on map, so decided to begin from there. While walking towards ISKCON temple, came across an Udupi veg restaurant and marched inside for our meals. I was told ISKCON will open only at 4.30 PM. Quick look at tripadvisor suggested Papi Hills as No.1  attraction in Rajahmundry. But couple of people we spoke to advised that post lunch is little too late for Papi hills and we should try going there in the morning (unfortunately we only had half a day and that didn’t include the morning). With Papi hills ruled out, hopped on a share auto, which took us to West Godavari, across the long bridge over the river. Made an attempt to have a conversation with passengers in share auto, trying to find out what are the spots worth visiting. But sensing my hopeless Telugu, one lady switched to English but within 2 sentences our conversation fell apart, with the lady declaring helplessness accepting that she doesn’t know much English. We got down near Ayyappa Swamy temple on a ghat which was one of the designated area where remains of dead people are disposed into the river as per Hindu tradition. After spending some time near the ghat, we walked to the Godavari Arch Bridge.  Rest of our evening was largely spent around the various bridges in Rajahmundry, thus my title.

Godavari arch bridge carries a single line railway track built adjacent to old Godavari bridge, which is now decommissioned. As we climbed steps and went on the railway track, a police staff posted there questioned us. Our guess is he is posted there to prevent people committing suicide. After explaining that we are tourists and wish take a few photos, he was fine with us. But moderate rains spoiled my plan for some detailed photography and we had to leave. Below are some photos of this railway bridge in Rajahmundry.

Next stop was ISKCON temple, but there was still 30 minute for it to open. So walked to the ghat behind it from there another bridge could be seen. Kovvur-Rajahmundry Bridge is Asia’s 3rd longest rail + road bridge, built across the Godavari river. A single line railway line passes in the first level and vehicle movement is facilitated in the top level. The bridge is massive 4.2 kms long beginning to end (about 1.5 km of which is over the land). The bridge was commissioned some 40 years ago. For as little as Rs 10 per person, share autos ferry people from Rajahmundry to Kovur, on the other side of the bridge (West Godavari). Besides enjoying a ride on this bridge, we thought of doing a walk, but were kept at bay by the rains. Later took a small boat ride from Saraswati Ghat which goes under the bridge and returns. This boat ride gave good opportunity to take some closeup photos of the bridge. But be advised that the boat rides here are totally devoid of any safety equipment and conducted on old boats.

The landside pillars of this bridge had these nice Bharathanatya poses sponsored by SBI

There are a few more bridges other than these two popular ones. A photo of sunset in the background would have been perfect, but I wasn’t that lucky because of clouds and rains. Please note that some of the photos are edited for artistic effects.

Next we went to ISKCON temple and nearby areas.(Saraswati Ghat) after which we headed to railway station.

 Overall, our visit to Rajahmundry was totally worth the half day we spent exploring the city.

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  1. I remember the rail-road bridge. Every time on our way to Bangalore from Bhubaneswar, I would look forward to the long bridge. Trains almost always came to a halt in the middle of the bridge and the wind was amazing :D

  2. Thanks Antarik for sharing your experience. The station is just ahead so naturally trains will be very slow while passing through this bridge

  3. I've passed through that bridge many times when I traveled to Vizag from Hyderabad. You have rekindled the memories. Thanks for sharing the wonderful post.

  4. You have taken pics from all angles possible. :)
    Great series!

  5. @indrani- hehe, top angle is missing.. Didn't have a drone/helicopter


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