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Stone Lodges Wayanad- Luxury villas from Orange County

I came across Stone Lodges while I was working with Orange County staff, to coordinate my visit to Orange County Hampi. Stone Lodges is a set of 15 ultra luxury homes  is a concept visualized and being implemented by Mr George Ramapuram, from the Orange county group.

When the Orange County staff sought some help promoting the Stone Lodges so that it can possibly reach right people, I was little uncomfortable in the beginning writing about a real estate project purely based on a brochure. However, I was given an opportunity to interact with the boss himself- Mr George Ramapuram and I had a telephonic conversation with him to understand the background of Stone Lodges, the uniqueness and more. After this interaction my concerns were eliminated.

This post shares the details of this luxurious project with you.

About the luxury villas: Each villas in Stone Lodges are of the size 5500 to 6500 sq feet. This is easily 5 times larger than 2/3BHK homes sold in cities, which are typically in the range of 800 to 1200 sq ft in size. Stone Lodge villas are 3 BHK units, with each room having great view of the Wayanad forest.
Above: Front view of a stone lodge villa
Below: The elegant master bedroom
Please note: Images used here are artistic images from the brochure and not real photos clicked at the property. But knowing what Orange County people are capable of, I am sure real one will be at par or even better than these.

Mr George emphasized that how they planned the layout without having to lose trees- in below example, where a tree comes in the way of construction, construction is done around the tree, without harming it. There are many trees in the site which are hundreds of years old- we have taken utmost care to retain them- he added.
Below is the detailed layout of how one 5 crore villa would look like. Lots of rocks and trees are retained in its originality- the bridge between the two units is constructed such that no natural obstacle like tree or rock needed to be removed. If your idea of luxury house was a pent house with two decks, you should take a closer look at Stone Lodges.

 Above: Overall layout of 15 ultra luxury houses on sale under Stone Lodges

I asked Mr George the need for such villas- he said it is triggered by the demand by existing customers of Orange County- for most of whom location was never a constraint and as long as there is internet connectivity, they could work from anywhere. A peaceful location in Wayanad in the middle of nature was highly sought after by these prospects. 

I asked if there is any plan for resorts/holiday homes or if these villas are for one time sale only. I was confirmed on the later. These are only for purchase and not for rental/lease.

The campus carefully selected to ensure it is not too far from nearest town, as residents will need access to shops, hospitals and other services. With just 1 km away from Kalpetta down, all key needs are close-by without compromising proximity to nature and lots of privacy and luxury.

When I saw below image, I first thought these are two different units- but Mr George confirmed that this entire picture is one home. I am sure many of us would kill for a home like that.
Key details about Stone Lodge
USP: Ultra luxury villas in the middle of nature in Wayanad
Estimated to be ready by: End of 2018
Approx cost: 5 crores, includes 3 years maintenance fee
Location: About 1 km from Kalpetta town in Wayanad, Kerala
No of units on offer: 15 (few are already sold)
Key facilities: Private pools, 3 BHK Units, view of nature from every room
Target customers: Those looking for luxurious retirement home in harmony with nature, CXOs of top companies who can work from anywhere as long as internet is available, those looking for a holiday home away from city.
Contact: Earthitects Natural Living Spaces, A division of Orange County, 2nd Floot, St Patrick's Business Complex, 21, Museum Road, Bengaluru 25


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  2. Good villas. Can I know the sq.ft rate for 3 bhk Villas.


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