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Some of you have noticed by now that I have started another blog-

I haven't had much success in launching new things and keep them running. With a full-time job, time I can spend online is very limited. Earlier this year, I made an attempt to regularly publish a list of good travel posts I read- such as this and this one, but couldn't sustain it for long.

I had made a sub blog for photos- again, couldn't sustain it for long. I also tried to create a facebook group for budget travelers- again didn't have the time and patience to grow it. Growing an online blog/community takes lots of time, patience, effort and sometime shameless self promotion. I haven't been able to do all that. Only this blog has managed to gain some respect, readership and identity online as I have been writing regularly over past 11 years and thanks to you for making it happen.

Then why another blog?
The idea was triggered by a comment by Lakshmi Sharath. This blog- has become a bit generic. Though I am trying to stay focused on travel, can't help posting on other topics such as automobiles, food, lifestyle etc at regular intervals. As part of my travel, I do keep close eye on airline deals, news and developments. It would have been easier to post them also in the same blog, but I felt there is a need for a dedicated blog for airlines and air travel. There're no such blogs in India focused exclusively on this. The regular travel bloggers double up to cover airline and air travel related stories. There is clearly a need and market for a blog exclusive on air travel. Thus one fine morning I decided to try starting a new blog, got the domain and have set it up again on blogger platform.

Over the past few days, I have published 5 posts on this new blog. Together they have managed around 500 page views in their first few days (blogger stats), which is encouraging. I have only done some minimum promotion like posting on FB. I am hoping to keep the momentum going and grow this new blog as well, in parallel to this one. Your support and encouragement will be paramount to make this happen.

What to expect from this new
I am looking to cover all topics that can be of interest and use to air travelers- new destinations, deals/offers, tips and tricks, reviews and other news related to airlines, airports and air travel.

Your immediate benefits if you subscribe and follow
1. Know about new destinations introduced by airlines, probably use it to plan a trip taking advantage of launch fares.
2. If an airline announces a sale (which now they do very often), check if it is really worth spending your time on this sale or it is just superficial
3. More than just a news-Additional insights and analysis
4. First hand reviews and experience account. Learn from others to avoid similar mistakes or make the most of your trip
5. Tips and tricks that can help you save money, time or avoid inconveniences during your travel.

I am aiming to publish minimum 2-3 posts per week, more if possible or if there's a need. So far it has been a good start. Hope to sustain the momentum and grow.

Guest posts welcome. Any support you can offer will be highly appreciated. Any link you can provide, social media shares, subscription and feedback will be of immense value. You can read the intro post here for more details


  1. Nice initiative, Shrinidhi.
    There's one blog I follow which writes exclusively about air travel and how to earn miles,livefromalounge.

  2. Great to read. Visit your airlineblog. Beautiful.
    Best wishes. Keep sharing.

  3. Hi Srinidhi, kudos to the initiative! With the increasing air travelers in India, this is something really useful. I do a post on every domestic airfare offers in India. Thanks to the big database of airfares (used for airfare prediction) that I have, the offers are picked up automatically. Do check it out!
    Airfare offers are posted at:
    The airfare prediction app:

  4. really amazing keep sharing about aviation and air travels. thanks for sharing a blog


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