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Seetharkundu viewpoint and Pothundi Dam, Nelliyampathy, Kerala

Couple of weekends earlier, after spending a day on Silent Valley National Park, I diverted to Nelliyampathy area on our way back to Coimbatore. Map showed Nelliyampatti had a view point, a reserve forest and a dam enroute. Perambikulam could have been another alternate but I hadn't done much research on that- may be for next trip.

Pothundi Dam was enroute so stopped there for a while. It was to open at 8 AM and we had reached few mins earlier, so had to wait for a while. The Dam is small and simple, didn't have much water early June. A garden next to it is well maintained.

Someone got a great catch...

Next we headed to Seetharkundu view point- the drive was cool and scenic. Got a bit of tea estates enroute as well

Seetharkundu is located inside a private campus but open to public. Check the photos below.

Above: Monkey man
Below: Real monkeys

A factory shop that sells tea powder and other products is available near the parking lot. Hot tea can be had here. Restroom facility is also available.

On our way back we spotted these langurs on the road, in large groups.

Few waterfalls also exist on the way 
In summary if you have half a day to spare when around Palakkad you can consider this destination.


  1. The Mountains remind me of Austria and the valleys remind me of Assam..What more, if you could find both the wonders at one place :)

  2. These are some stunning pictures! I haven't been to this part of Kerala. I should probably visit soon. The pics are tempting :)

  3. बहुत ही खूबसूरत स्थल,
    हिमालय से किसी मामले में कम नहीं है।
    मौका मिला तो यहाँ अवश्य जाऊँगा।

  4. @Shalini

    Do visit. Access via Coimbatore will be easy than say Kochi.
    Best wishes and thanks

  5. Wow!! Lovely place!! Need to plan a visit sometime sooner!


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