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GRS Fantasy Park Mysuru

I was in Mysuru last weekend to spend some quality time with family and relatives. On Sunday we visited GRS Fantasy Park. I’ve not been to many amusement parks. This post shares my experience and feedback.

Standard fare is Rs 650 per adult, both weekday and weekend. Booking on their website gets you 5% discount. But we decided to book at the counter since 5% discount was not exciting and also we didn’t have exact count. As we reached the entrance this cleartrip standee greeted us, which offered cool discounts. It said upto 50% off but for our group of 10, we could book for Rs 4760, that’s around 174 Rs less per person, around 26%, which is still cool. Wonder how Cleartrip manages to give more discount than the operator themselves... (more about cleartrip activities in an earlier post)
On the website there was a mention of Rs 770 ticket which includes a mean and entry to 5D show, but couldn’t see that option on cleartrip or at the counter.

Dress code: None. There’s no dress code as such, but some rides were denied to women wearing saree, as there’s a risk of saree getting disoriented or get stuck during the ride creating trouble. Swim wear is available for rental, for about Rs 30 per piece.

Timing: GRS Fantasy Park is open from 10.30 AM till 5.30 PM on weekdays, till 6.30 PM on weekends/holidays. We had reached little earlier. They did start letting people in some 10 mins earlier than opening time, which was good. There’s a discounted ticket if you’re entering after 3 PM. Select activities like Wavepool, Red Indian waterfalls, Amazonia have specific timings whereas other activities are usually open throughout the day, except lunch break. Refer the leaflet available at entrance.

Rides at GRS Fantasy park are broadly classified as wet rides and dry rides. Some dry rides can’t be taken if your cloths are wet. So it will be wise to either first try all dry rides and then head to wet rides or wise versa.

Our most favorite rides and activities
1 Aqua Racer
This ride has 6 parallel sliding tubes. But only 3 were being operated, probably due to less crowd. The ride lasts about 18-20 seconds. I've made a GoPro video, watch it below. This is the ride we tried multiple times to our heart's content.

2 Wave Pool
Artificial waves in a pool. Good ocean experience in the safety of a pool

3 Tornado Ride: Doesn't take us 360 degrees, only half. Still good fun. A video available below
Red Indian waterfalls was great fun too. With lots of force, the experience is at par with real falls.

There're many other rides, small and big

We left the park at about 5 PM after full day of fun. The Rs 476 ticket was totally worth it, primarily because crowd was less and we could try all activities without any significant waiting time. Amusement parks abroad cost at least 10 times more, though they offer much better rides and experience. GRS competes with WonderLa, Neeladri Amusement park etc. I've not visited them yet, so unable to offer a comparison

We had lunch at Indraprastha Veg restaurant, Rs 90 per meals, which was reasonable and food was good. We also tried some snacks at Hawaiian restaurant in the evening.

Some FAQs
Can we take camera?
No restrictions as such. If your camera is waterproof (like GoPro) and you’ve proper mounts then you can comfortably use it. Other cameras you can still carry but you’ll need someone to hold it while you try wet rides or you’ll have to keep them in locker. There’re professional photographers hired by GRS to click photos of guests. They will be around at specific timings at select rides. Photos clicked by them can be purchased separately while you exit the park.

How was crowd?
We visited on a weekend but 2 weeks after school started, hence there was not much crowd. We could try same ride again n again as per our wish. However expect more crowd and waiting time during summer holidays.

Few games like radio operated car ride for kids, cricket net practice etc are additionally chargeable.
Some limitations:
Elders in the group found it hard to climb up the steps for many of rides. Some kind of elevator service would have enabled them to enjoy more rides.

Bathrooms inside Locker room could be made a bit better.
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  1. Interesting :) Amazing pics and videos.

  2. India is a great destination! Loved your video!

  3. Ok we r planing to go n we r 10 members so do they give 50% off

    1. Please check on cleartrip and grs website/helpline. My post was 2 years ago- not sure of current running offers. I am sure you will get good deals


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