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Dainthlen Waterfalls, Cheerapunjee, Meghalaya

Dainthlen was the last spot we visited before returning from Cheerapunjee. This wasn't in my original plan but one of the plan I was trying to visit, Nohkalikai was not getting routed properly on Google maps. (map would suggest a right turn where there was none etc). After couple of attempts aborted aborted Nohkalikai and turned towards Dainthlen, because I saw a board about the same next to highway.

Without much expectations, reached the waterfalls. The first look was like this- a mild stream of water flowing, nothing very exciting. But the roaring sound was audible.

As we went closer to the edge, the drop could be seen. A wedding photoshoot was also in progress.

For the best view of Dainthlen, one should cross the river to the other side. This is only possible when water level is low. From the other side, the views are amazing. Check photos below
Above: Closeup photo of Dainthlen falls
Below: View of the falls from a nearby hill
 Walking a bit on the other side got me these views. Totally worth it.

Above: Upstream river
Below: The valley downstream
Dainthlen falls is about 6km deviation from main road, was totally worth it.
Rs 20 parking fee was collected. No restrooms, shops or any other facility available near the falls
An old bridge nearby can be used as nice background for the photos
 Few more pics
 Zoomcar gets a company
Many more posts from North East visit still due. Hope to write about them soon.


  1. Meghalaya... another one of those destinations that we have bene wanting to visit like forever...

  2. I really appreciate your professional approach. These are pieces of very useful information that will be of great use for me in future.

  3. Thanks Jyotirmoy, Munna, Rajesh, Niranjan and Untourists

  4. You are one of my most inspiring 'Travel Blogger'. It is always inspiring to read all your posts!

  5. Wonderful pics, interesting to see a wedding photoshoot on a waterfalls.

  6. Thanks Rupam

    @TGS - Yes, it was a nice location for shoot as well


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