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Most read, most commented posts-Jan-June 2017

Half of 2017 is almost history. I've written about 125 posts so far on this blog this year. Some of them have been very popular. If you've not been a regular reader of my blog, you might wish to take a look at some of the posts that have been read or commented a lot. This post is a list of such most read and most commented blog posts, along with few of my personal favorites.

Most Read

1 Skoda's buy in 2017, pay in 2018 scheme:
This post is my most read and most commented post this year. (Published in 2017) The ad makes you believe you can simply walk in, drive out and pay in 2018. But the truth is you need to pay 35% downpayment and go through a loan approval process. Read the post to know the true story behind Skoda's scheme

2. Ten ways to manage vegetarian food abroad
Another useful post for vegetarians.

3. New Ford Endeavor 4x4 MT review
The new Ford Endeavor and its comparison with Fortuner- the review was well received by readers. Do check it out.

4. Tata Tigor comparison with Xcent, Dzire etc
Another automobile post- this one was the most read among all the posts. Looks like Tata has managed to touch right cords and generate good traction for their latest Tigor.

5. Japan tourist visa for Indians
This year I've visited Philippines and Japan for the first time. Yet to write about all places in these countries that I have visited. The above post about Japan tourist visa is well received, as many didn't even know that it is extremely easy and cheap to get a Japan tourist visa

6. Tender coconuts around the world
This post in which I compared experience of finding and tasting tender coconuts abroad is very close to my heart.

Most commented (Excluding ones already listed above)
1 Types of opportunities bloggers should avoid

2 Tips to manage time for blogging

3 Play of light through the corridors of Narendra Bhawan, Bikaner

4 Kala Ghoda art festival, Mumbai 

5 My attempt to review beauty products

My personal favorites

Switch by Revv cars-subscription model review

Visiting Dawki, Meghalaya

Travel the world on budget without quitting

Jungle lodges vs Orange county Kabini

Birds spotted around Kabini

Copenhagen after snow

Experiments with Nikon 50mm lens

12 Experiences very unique to Japan

Japan on budget 

Silent Valley National Park, Kerala

Jeepneys of Philippines


  1. Nice list, so far 2017 has been good for us also. Your post which inspired us most was tips to manage time for blogging.

  2. Cool.. wanted to read that opportunities to avoid for blogger post, will read now.

  3. Tata Tigor has done well for me too.
    127!!! that is incredible.

  4. It is good to recap from time to time so that readers get the opportunity to visit some missed posts.
    Visiting Dawki - found it interesting


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