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Nadakalasi temples near Sagara- where Pandavas had rested

Nadakalasi is a small village near Sagara city in Shivamogga district of Karnataka. Nadakalasi has a small shiva temple, maintained by ASI. It is said that Pandavas rested in Nadakalasi during their Vanavasa period.

Nadakalasi temple complex has two temples, one of Mallikarjuna and another of Rameshwara. Nadakalasi temple complex is at least 1200 years old.

External structure seems to be partially restored.

Above: Mallikarjuna swamy and Priest Venkatachala
Below: Nandi, official vehicle of Lord Shiva. This staue is a bit hollow from front- not sure if it was damaged or built like that.

 Carvings on the pillars, roof and floor...
 The pillars are made of granite and shaped using a lathe.

 Official history as per ASI board

How to reach Nadakalasi?
  • If you are using public transport, take bus or train till Sagara city and hire an auto to reach Nadakalasi.
  • If using own vehicle, Nadakalasi is listed on Google maps, reach till Sagara and then navigate using map. [Map location here]
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