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Karkala Bahubali & Chaturmukha Basadi: Visit info & drone footage

I have visited Karkala at least 6 times in last 2 years- either to show relatives around or as a quick stop while proceeding to Belthangadi/Chikmagalur etc. All the previous occasions, I could not enter Chaturmukha Basadi or Bahubali. Most of my visits were early morning- like 8 AM or 9 AM and these places were closed for visitors, though google suggested an earlier opening time.

So it was disappointing having to see the Bahubali and Chaturmukha Basadi only from outside. I couldn’t plan a visit just for these as it was not worth it and there wasn’t a guarantee that they will be open. These places are opened and closed at the discretion of local staff- they don’t seem to have any motive to keep them open early or longer.

Recently I took some relatives to Karkala again. This time it was around 4 PM and the Bahubali and Chaturmukha basadi were open. Chaturmukha basadi was not fully open though- couldn’t see the inside of the temple.

Chaturmukha Basadi:

Chaturmukha Basadi literally means Basadi of four faces. Chaturmukha Basadi is a uniquely shaped Jain temple located on top of a small rock in Karkala, hardly half a km from Bahubali statue hill. Visitors will have to climb up about 50-60 steps to reach the entrance. Upon entering you can take  a walk around the external periphery of the basadi. There are about 108 pillars with various carvings worth taking a closer look. Once done viewing from outside, you can also climb up the steps and walk around the temple wall on a narrow walkway provided. This will help you take a closer look at the roof, pillars and wall of the Chaturmukha Basadi

Next you can enter the Basadi, if it is open.

There was a drinking water facility but it was not working. There was a display prohibiting pre-wedding shoots at Chaturmukha Basadi. I wish they also display a clear timing- what all time we can enter the complex and what all time inner temple can be visited.

You can explore the Chaturmukha Temple complex in about 30 minutes. Watch the drone footage below.

Watch a video footage below- made of drone shot + insta 360 [Watch on youtube]

Karkala Bahubali Temple

Bahubali statue in Karkala is town’s most important tourist attraction, prominent Jain temple complex and is definitely worth a visit. While Shravana Belagola has Karnataka’s tallest Bahubali statue (58 ft), the other popular locations are Venuru and Karkala. Bahubali statue in Karkala is about 42 ft in height. 

Visiting Karkala Gomateshwara

Park your car and climb about 100-120 steps to reach the hilltop where Bahubali statue is located. Walk further into the compound surrounding the statue. If you reach early when the gates are closed, you’ve to watch bahubali from outside and return. If you reach when doors are open, you can go inside, take a closer look.

Once inside, apart from the main Bahubali statue, you can see the lamp post, statues of other jain tirthankaras, few other memorials and return. From the outside you can also enjoy scenic view of western ghats, Karkala town and also see Chaturmukha Basadi from the distance. Also don’t miss this small pond on top of the rock.

There is a road access to Bahubali hill, but this road is closed for public. Only officials/staff use it I guess. There is a toilet complex but I found it locked. Maybe you can request temple staff for a key.

Watch drone footage below [Watch on youtube]

Food outlets are available near the mainroad if you wish to refresh.

Madhav Prakash Cashew factory outlet is worth visiting if you wish to buy some tasty cashew products for cheaper price. Koti Chennaya Theme park, Durga Falls, Anekere, Ananta Shayana temple, Parappadi waterfalls are some of the other attractions in Karkala [Read full list of attractions in Karkala]

Varanga lake basadi, Kudlu theertha falls, Hanumanagundi falls, Moodubidire, Udupi are other nearby attractions to visit (less than 50 kms from Karkala).

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