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Jackfruit Mela Udupi Brahmavar what to expect

Jackfruit Mela are held at multiple locations in coastal Karnataka and Malenadu region. I missed visiting Udupi Jackfruit Mela but managed to visit one at Brahmavara. If you are planning to visit one this year or next, below is what to expect.

What all to expect at Jackfruit Mela?

1 Saplings:

You can buy different varieties of jackfruit sapling, plant them in your garden, property. Jackfruit tree will not need lots of care and maintenance. If you give some protection to the plant during initial years, it will grow its roots, grow up and sustain itself. It may take 5-6 years before it starts giving fruits.

2. Jackfruit and its products

Ripe jackfruits, jackfruit papad (Happala), jackfruit ice cream and other jackfruit products are sold at the exhibition

3. Non-Jackfruit products:

There were ayurveda shops selling food and medicines, cloths and dress material shops, shops selling fishes, honey, kitchen appliances and several other items.

25 Jackfruit Happala was selling at INR 135, 20 at 100, 110 INR. Ice creams INR 50 per scoop, almost all other products at normal price we get in shops- there was no price advantage buying from Jackfruit Mela.

But if you have never visited, it is good experience visiting for an hour or two, learning more about jackfruits.

When and where exactly Jackfruit Mela is held?

Brahmavara edition was held at SMS on 17th July. Udupi edition was held in June. Dates may vary for other cities. Stay tuned to local newspapers and relevant social media pages for updates. You can call one of the nursery (refer photo for phone number) and may be ask them if they are participating in next event

Lalbagh Mango & Jackfruit Mela * 

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