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Hill view homestay near Jog falls: Review

We visited Jog falls last weekend from Udupi. Though it was a planned trip, we didn’t book any accommodation. It was raining heavily so we were not 100% sure if trip would happen as per plan and we felt it is not a peak season so we can just walk in and find some place to stay.

As we reached Jog falls, we checked at IB and KSTDC Mayura Gerusoppa. Both were sold out for the day. We spoke to Mutthuga homestay- they were also sold out. Our next option was to drive towards Sagara town and find some hotel/lodge.

Someone told us about Hill View Homestay. Found their number online, called them to check availability. The owner preferred families and was little reluctant to give rooms to friends, as he felt friends drink alcohol, make noise and cause issue to other guests. After assuring that we don’t drink, he granted us permission.

The Hill View Home stay is about 1 km off the main road, half way between Jog Falls and Sagara town. Last 1 km is a muddy road but drivable in normal cars. We drove in and were shown the rooms. The home, extended to include 4 rooms sold as homestay is a nice set up. There is an open sit out at the center, dining area and a pool which was dry when we visited (July). We were later told the pool is meant for kids and will be filled with water during summer months for kids to play and relax.

The rooms were good- normal bed, two chairs, a cupboard and toilet. Hot water is available in the morning and on demand (they need to trigger a wood fire heater)

We were charged 1800 INR per room with breakfast included. 120 INR for night dinner. Online websites showed 1500+ GST, which would add up to 1800 approx. No discounts were given as they save 20% commission charged by online portals.

Veg meals were served for dinner, unlimited. Food was good for the hungry souls and we went to sleep. 

Early in the morning we went out to explore Honnemaradu, Jog falls and came back, had breakfast and checked out.

Hill View Stay near Jog falls: Summary

  • Rent: Around 1800 per night, about 4 rooms only
  • Good: Food, WiFi, not too far from Jog Falls (6 kms), hot water on demand
  • Things to note: Drinkers, bachelors not welcome, family preferred

Map location of Hill View Stay here

Nearby: There is nothing within walking distance from the homestay.  Nearby places are Jog Falls (7 kms), Honnemaradu (16 kms), Ikkeri temple (27 kms), Nipli Husur falls (10 kms) etc.

You can consider Hill View Homestay for your accommodation needs while in Sagara/Jog Falls area. 

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