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Interesting Nipli Husur waterfalls near Jog falls

Nipli Husur is a waterfall I have been planning to visit for a year. Finally the trip happened July first weekend.

Nipli Husur waterfalls, sometimes referred to as Nipli falls and at times as Husur falls is north of Sagar & Joga in Shivamogga district, Karnataka, off the road that takes you to Siddharpura.  Nipli Husur is not a tall waterfall like Jog falls, but it is great place to visit because of easy access, long wide beds of water flowing on rock which we can walk over and a mini falls good enough to take a bath. At this moment the tourism or forest department hasn’t taken this place over, so there is no entry ticket, no rules & restrictions. But I guess that will soon change once the Govt finds out how many people are visiting and how much money can be extracted from them.

We spent around 30 minutes exploring Nipli Husur falls. It was raining so didn’t fly drone. Managed to shoot a few clips using Insta360, which you can check below.

Water level was moderate on July 2nd. I could safely walk across the wide barricade (refer video) or walk across the rocky terrain on which water was flowing. Another month or two I believe water level will peak and it could be risky to do the same walk. After September till November may be it will be walkable again. (Just my assessment, haven’t checked in other seasons, situation permitting will visit Nipli Husur falls when I am in Sagara region next time).

An insta 360 clip below

Watch out for your kids. No help is available if they fall or injure themselves. Nearest hospital is in Talaguppa.


The water for Nipli Husur waterfalls comes from a large lake nearby. You can walk a few hundred meters and see the lake.

Now a boundary wall is being put and soon parking fee collection will start at Husur waterfalls.

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