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Phu Quoc Vietnam Trip Expense Report 31k all inclusive

This post shares how much I spent on various things during my short trip to Vietnam. To give a headsup, my entire trip cost me under 31000 INR, everything included.

Below is the break-up of my Phu Quoc trip expense

Part A: Mumbai to Phu Quoc & Back


Amount in INR


Mumbai to Phu Quoc Return ticket


Was down to 10600 later

No checked bag, no meals

Vietnam E Visa


25 USD

Hotel booking per person for 2 nights


Mercury Resort, Booked on Agoda
Cost 14180 for 2 rooms, 2 nights for 4 people

Bike rental for 3 days


Food expense, approx for 3 days including tender coconut, coffee


Bike fuel approx


Miscellaneous (Forex conversion cost, pepper farm entry fee, waterfalls entry fee, boat ride fee etc)





Above is for 2 night, 3 days. If you extend for 5 nights, consider some 5000-6000 INR extra per day for stay, food, bike rental etc

Part B: My home town to Mumbai travel for this trip

My nearest airport is now Mangalore, 100 kms from home. Not many options from Mangalore. Mangalore Mumbai return ticket was showing 15000 INR, same as my Mumbai-Vietnam ticket. Thus I decided to take train- 16-17 hours journey but I was used to it. Took overnight train, worked from WeWork BKC, went to airport at night. On my way back worked from a pod hotel in Sakinaka and went to railway station by evening. All these added some 4000 INR in extra cost.


Amount in INR


Udupi-Mumbai train ticket return (sleeper & 3rd AC)


Wework Mumbai


First day free pass

Sakinaka Pod hotel


Mumbai local commute & food over 2 days





This portion may not apply if you are based in city from where flight begins. Also my friends who booked Bangalore-mUmbai flight, stayed in hotels have a higher expense. I managed not spending lots of money, even if it meant having to skip taking bath on one of the days.


Total Vietnam Trip expense: less than 31000 INR all inclusive.

Other remarks:

I do not drink alcohol, didn’t try any massages, so that expense is saved. If you want to drink a lot,try few massages etc that is another few thousand rupees extra.


I managed without buying a sim card. Karthik had got one and we piggy backed on the same and used WiFi wherever available.


My trip was for 2.5 days- arrived on Friday 8 AM, got early check in, return flight was Sunday night. 2.5 days was just enough to see main spots- if we had 2-3 days more we could have tried the cable car, zoo etc.


Tips to save:

Flight: VietJetAir has India Vietnam return ticket for around 15000 under normal days, might fall to 11000 when they have a sale. Bag, meals extra. Never book if overall price is beyond 20k. Wait for a better deal or try different dates.


Stay: You can get decent resort kind of places for about 3000-4000 INR per day. Cheaper options are available as well. Depending on your budget and comfort level you can decide.


Local exploration: You can take package tours which are convenient but bit expensive. Cheapest is to rent a motor cycle (500 INR per day) and ride around. Car rentals are also available.


So can we really manage Vietnam trip in 30k?

You can, if you save every penny where possible. But my kind of extreme budget trip may not work for everyone- particularly if you have family, senior people, kids etc. If you want little more comfort, luxury etc be ready to spend a bit more. Even then, you should be able to manage a 4-5 day trip to Phu Quoc in about 50k INR.



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