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Reasons to visit Phu Quoc now than later

If you are wondering if visiting Phu Quoc island in Vietnam is worth, below are a dozen reasons why you should consider visiting Phu Quoc sooner than later.

1 Phu Quoc is lesser known destination in Vietnam

Everyone is aware of Hanoi and Saigon, not many are aware of Phu Quoc. Go there sooner, before it gets too commercialized.

2. It is a small island, perfect for a short international trip.

Entire island is 25 kms is width, 50 kms in length. There are not too many things to explore- you don’t have to plan weeks of time- just 3-4 days is reasonably enough. Read: 20+ places to explore in Phu Quoc


3. Phu Quoc can be explored in small budget

With 15k return ticket, 2k visa and budget hotels, you can manage entire Phu Quoc trip in around 30k INR (extreme budget) to 50k INR (with bit of luxury). Almost all other international destinations such as  Thailand, Bali, Maldives all would cost a bit more. Read my expense report


4. Very less traffic

Phu Quoc has very less traffic. Roads are usually empty. Signals have a max duration of 35 seconds. Before Phu Quoc grows as a tourist destination and gets flooded with tourists, it is better to visit and explore.


5. Direct Flight from India

Phu Quoc now has direct flight from Mumbai & Delhi thanks to VietJetAir. An otherwise one stop flight is a pain as one full day will go in reaching the destination. With direct flight, we could go to airport Thursday night, board 1 AM flight, get off at 8 AM local time, start exploring the city right away. Return was also convenient- explore full day, go to airport by 7 PM and return to India. Middle of the day flights, connecting flights will lose full day in traveling


6. Friendly people

Residents of Phu Quoc are friendly with tourists and very honest in their pricing. When I gave an extra note by mistake they returned promptly, they didn’t quote me a higher price for tender coconut because I am tourist and so on. Once too much commercialization happens money making takes over and people explore ways to extract more money from tourists. Phu Quoc is free from that at least at the moment.


7. Too many properties are under construction.

Lots of hotels, resorts, apartments are under construction. Definitely Govt and Business people are expecting to grow Phu Quoc as a tourist destination and are expecting larger crowds in coming years. If that happens the island will get overcrowded, everything will become expensive and you won’t be able to enjoy most of the attractions due to too much crowd, lots of waiting etc. So better hurry.


8. Vietnam eVisa is easy

Vietnam eVisa can be applied online and had for 25 USD. No need for travel insurance, no need to take tour packages, no other rules. Of course, Visa on arrival would have been great but eVisa is next best thing. Some reports say there is a visa waiver if you are visiting Phu Quoc alone, but I couldn’t get an official confirmation for the same. More details on Vietnam visa here


9. Indian, veg food is available

There are several Indian restaurants in heart of Phu Quoc. So if you are a vegetarian, keen on Indian food then it is not very hard to find it in Phu Quoc.


10. There is something for everyone

Phu Quoc island has almost everything a tourist needs.

  • Beaches to relax, play
  • Beachside bars, resorts, eateries
  • Cable car and amusement park to keep entire family busy
  • Nice roads by the ocean for those who enjoy driving or riding
  • A zoo
  • Amusement park
  • Resorts which offer organized tours/packages if you don’t want to plan on your own
  • Spice plantations
  • Massage centers
  • View waterfalls, hiking trails for the adventurous souls
  • Local food
  • A bit of history (Prison etc)
  • Shopping- pearls, dress, hats, pepper products, fish products etc

11. Bonus: Amazing tender coconuts

Vietnam has large size tender coconuts- most shops sell it for 20000 VND (70 INR) while a few shops sell for 15000. I found one shop selling for just 10000 VND but it was rare case. Most Vietnamese tender coconuts are large in size, have lots of water and malai. One can fill your stomach and keep you active for few hours.


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