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WeWork Mumbai BKC Daypass Experience

For the first time I spent a day at WeWork office in Mumbai with a day pass. This post shares my experience.

WeWork is a office space providing startup which leases large buildings and gives out individual workstations, conference rooms etc on rent- many small companies and professionals find it easier to rent wework workspace than managing an office of their own.


My first visit to WeWork was in 2020 in Bengaluru- had gone to Brigade road office for a press meet.


Recently I had to fly out of Mumbai to Vietnam and I had to reach Mumbai. I had several factors to consider while deciding how to manage my day.

I could have taken an evening/night train from Udupi that would reach Mumbai next day evening- but if there are any issue on the way due to rain, landslide etc I won’t have any buffer and I might miss my flight.


Flight from Mangalore to Mumbai were more expensive than my Mumbai Vietnam ticket, so ruled them out.

I would arrive in Mumbai 6.30 in the morning while I have to reach airport by 10 PM. Needed space to spend whole day.


Taking hotel room wasn’t a wise idea- as hotels consider 2PM check in and 10 AM checkout forcing me to buy two nights while I won’t be spending a single night inside hotel room, only morning to evening.


Roaming around Mumbai for whole day was not a tempting proposition due to rain and bag. Have already seen most of Mumbai.


We work seemed like good idea- I don’t have to take leave, can work peacefully from their office, access rest room etc and go to airport late evening.


I got first day free due to a discount code applicable to new customers, so while actual cost of BKC campus is almost 1000 INR per day, I got it for free.


It was a good opportunity to try WeWork- if it works I can use it more for my future trips.


With these thoughts I booked my day at WeWork. Thanks to WeWork twitter handle and Hrish Thota for helping me in the process.


Access: WeWork offices open at 9 AM. First time customers need to identify themselves and reception staff would open the gate. 



Mysuru Masala Dosa: 90 INR + tax, Pav Bhaji: 140 INR + Tax, LIme juice: 60 INR + tax.

Not too many options and at times it gets crowded and wait is long.
Masala dosa they added too much beetroot instead of Potato, so it had a different state. Pav Bhaji was good. 


Facilities available at wework:

  • Workspace with WiFi - decent speed
  • Coffee vending machine- free
  • Drinking water
  • Restroom access
  • Conference room (Costs 600 INR+ tax to book)
  • Some phone booths - for confidential calls
  • Printer and shredder
  • Well maintained lounge/common areas to sit and relax
  • Cafeteria (Chargeable)

Points to note:

  • No locker to secure your things. Either carry your own laptop lock, baggage lock or go light. It is a generally secure area, risk of someone stealing is low.
  • Parking is available, subject to availability. Might cost more in some areas.
  • There is no allocation of seat number etc. You’ve to take any available seat. At times space may get crowded or someone may take your seat when you are away. Should work fine as long as they don’t accept more users than seating capacity.
  • There is a common area in ground floor- if you arrive early or have to stay back for a while, you can use this space. If you walk in without booking a day pass you can sit here and book.
  • Sometimes your meetings extend- so an hour or two extra on demand would have been nice. No one is going to take that seat post 6 PM that day anyway. Similarly those working with US/Canada/Australia clients might need slightly different time compared to 9 AM to 6 PM.


Price: WeWork office in BKC costs 900 INR+ 12% tax per day, that is almost 1000 INR per day. Other offices in Mumbai are bit cheaper at 600-700 INR plus tax. Their cheapest rate is 350 INR per day- not sure where but probably in less popular cities in far away locations.


My Value proposition why I booked WeWork

I was not looking for a place to sleep, so a workstation with WiFi and restroom is good option

I don’t have to risk poor connectivity at hotel rooms, can do office work without having to take leaves

Hotels usually have check out time at 12. My flight is at midnight, so it was convenient for me to work till 6 PM and head to airport.

I will consider wework next time but maybe some slightly cheaper locations at 500-600 INR per day range. I am now getting regular marketing mails from wework which I didn't ask for.

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