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Cable Car ride, Phu Quoc: Details

Cable car ride is one of the key attraction for those visiting Phu Quoc. We would have loved to take a ride but didn’t due to following reasons

  • No option to just ride the cable car to island and come back. Mandatory to pay for amusement park entry fee
  • Cable car is not continuous. Departure happens at designated times only. Thus if you miss an early morning trip, you will lose half a day. Paying half a million VND for a short trip didn’t feel worth. We were there at around 11.45 AM, next ride was at 1.30 PM.

Phu Quoc Cable car ticket cost:

Cable car ticket is sold at 550000 VND- (INR 1900) the cheapest option includes cable car ride+ entry to amusement park. There is a combo option which also includes buffet lunch at the island, costing 750000 VND. 


Where to buy Phu Quoc Cable car tickets?

You can buy online, buy from various travel agents all around Phu Quoc or visit the cable car starting point. Prices are all same.


Phu Quoc Cable car timings

Refer below schedule for cable car timings

Onward: 9 AM, 10 AM, 1.30 PM, 3.30 PM


9.30 AM, 10.30 AM, 2 PM and 5 PM

Go 30 min in advance- if capacity is full you may be asked to wait for next round- an hour or two wasted.


Other things to know

  • There is free bike parking spot in cable car start area.
  • Free WiFi was available
  • Few restaurants, massage chairs and other things are available
  • Even if you don’t plan to take a ride in cable car, you can visit the starting point for its nice European style architecture & views. Walls were painted with some roman theme. See some photos below


You can decide for yourself if it is worth. If they had an option of just taking the ride without having to enter amusement park, we would have bought a ticket. We only had 2.5 days at Phu Quoc so didn’t see a point spending whole day on this island off Phu Quoc in cable car, as we’ve been to several amusement parks already. We visited other places in Phu Quoc in our time. But if you see a value for yourself or your family then you can definitely include cable car ride in your Phu Quoc plan.

Europe style buildings...

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