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Suoi Tranh waterfalls, Phu Quoc

Suoi Tranh waterfalls is probably Phu Quoc;s best kept secret. It is a small waterfall, very similar to Abbi falls in Madikeri but is one of the main attraction for tourists as well as locals in Phu Quoc.

We visited Suoi Tranh Waterfalls on our day 2 and this post shares all the details.


Basic details of Suoi Tranh Waterfalls

  • Entry fee: 30000 VND per person (around 100 INR)
  • Location: At the center of Phu Quoc island, just of DT47, not too far from airport. Entrance is right next to the highway
  • Complexity: Easy to medium. (Main falls is 2-3 kms easy trek away, stream and mini falls accessible not too far from entrance)
  • Time required: 2-3 hours or more
  • Facilities available: Many- restaurants, shops, photo opportunities and more.

We arrived at Suoi Tranh waterfalls post lunch and parked at designated bike parking area. There was no fee for parking. We bought entry ticket and entered the campus.


As we walked in, there were multiple photo opportunities- a cart, a fountain and things like that. We walked further and entered a trail next to the stream. While many tourists entered water as soon as they saw it, we pressed on, hoping to reach the main falls. After about 2-3 kms of trek we reached a spot where waterfalls was visible. I think there is a trail going further deep into the forest but barricades were put to prevent tourists from going beyond this point.


We spent some time taking bath under the water. There were no one else- only 3 of us- because most people get into water much earlier and do not trek all the way.


Have seen bigger and better falls in Karnataka but for Phu Quoc, Suoi Tranh is the best natural spot. The trail is well maintained, lots of facilities and attractions are added to keep visitors engaged and the visit to this waterfalls is totally worth the time and money.


On our way back stopped for a moment at a large building which seem to sell some wooden crafts.


Below fountain is visible from main road and we can take a walk under this.

There was a pond with fish, a spot where I got some free WiFi, a restaurant and many photo spots. Saw a building which looked like a hotel room- not sure if you can stay overnight inside the waterfalls campus- you can check and plan.


Our visit was in September. June to November is apparently rainy season in Vietnam, so my guess is it is not worth visiting Suoi Tranh between Feb and June.


Nearby: Dog care center is nearby, a hiking destination from Cafe is also few kms away. 


If in Phu Quoc, do not miss Suoi Tranh waterfalls, unless it is summer season.


  1. The parking rates and entry tickets were said to be 10k and 5k respectively. Looks like they updated prices and gave us a 30K all-inclusive price

    1. ok. Maybe we paid more. I remember seeing a display that called out 30000


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