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Starfish Beach Phu Quoc: what to expect?

Starfish beach is the first beach we visited in Phu Quoc. Starfish beach is located at the north end of the Phu Quoc island and the roads were bad for last 4-5 kms. Had to negotiate muddy roads all the way. 

We first reached a spot which looked like beach area but locals guided us to another spot few more kms away. As we reached there it was evening. We could walk on a wooden bridge connecting various restaurants built on the ocean. As we reached a deck, someone had caught few starfishes and released them on the floor for everyone to see and photograph. This was the first time I saw starfish for real and I felt they are dead- as there was zero movement. But I was told they are alive and will be active once released into water.

Once done seeing enough starfishes and walking around- some nice photo spots were made for tourists to click photos, one of our team members figured out we can take a boat to another beach few kms away. With help from locals, we were able to negotiate with a boat owner- his initial quote was 1000000 VND (3500 INR) but was eventually agreed for 600000 VND. (A local girl signalled us to ask for 600000- nice of her)


The boat ride was nice, but it got dark when we reached back. Thankfully the bikes were intact. Risk of theft is low in Phu Quoc as it is a small island, everyone knows everyone and you can’t survive for long by cheating and theft. We had a long ride back to our resort with a dinner stop at Anand Restaurant.


If you’ve never seen starfishes then it might be worth going all the way till star fish beach in Phu Quoc. Else you can skip. Because of bad roads, visiting StarFish beach will need 2-3 hours from nearest town, so plan well. Pepper Plantation, Grand world Phu Quoc, Zoo are few other attractions nearby.

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