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Ibis Hote Mumbai Vikhroli: Experience, Review

Ibis is a series of business hotels part of Accor Group. You will find several Ibis hotels in all big cities, one in each of the popular business areas/IT parks etc. Recently I got to spend 9 nights in Ibis Vikhroli due to business travel. Below is my experience


Room: I was hoping they may have some rooms with lake view- but there were none. Powai lake is 3 kms from hotel and there are other high-rise building/hills in between so no hope of getting a view of the lake. I got the view of main road- looking at Embasy 24x7 business park where WeWork has taken up a block.

Room had most of the standard stuff- safe lock, cup board, a couch, kettle etc. But didn't have a writing table- essential for business hotels. WiFi was good.


Rooms are from 3rd floor till 15th fllor. Higher you go better the view, but too much waiting at lift and slower water force. Water bottle provided had uneven levels of water. Feels like not factory made, but hand filled.

Rooms were standard. Not very spacious but it is Mumbai and space is at premium, so can’t expect lots of space. Bathroom was even constrained. But hot water was coming instantly- no need to wait a few minutes and waste cold water. No dental kit was provided. Shaving kit you have to pick up from reception- not sure free or chargeable. Landry price shown below for your reference.


A keyboard, few musical instruments were nice add on in the restaurant. Enjoyed playing the keyboard a bit- a few songs I was familiar with.

I didn’t like the juice section- had an ABC juice and some other juice. No natural fruit juices.

Around 25 odd items are available for breakfast, I could get good count of drumsticks in sambar and fair bit of cashews from upma, poha counters. Staff service is good.

On my last day I went at 6 AM as I had to check out and go to airport, while normal start time is 6.30 AM. Could eat some fruits, bread but rest of the items were obviously not ready. Even on other days, it takes till 7 AM for all items to be ready. if you go at 6.30 be content with half the items.

Outdoor sitting: There is a provision to sit outside in open space-but with lots of pigeons flying around and the smell of their poo, it wasn't very comfortable to sit outside. I didn't see anyone using outdoor sitting during my stay, except some people going there for smoke.

In Room dining: Had to scan a QR code, go to a website and order- but had very limited options and nothing was to my liking, so I had all my lunch and dinner outside. 

ALL Loyalty Program: I decided to enroll to ALL (Accor Live Limitless) Loyalty program, so that I can get some points from my stay. After couple of attempts with reception staff my account was created, but my ongoing booking was not showing up, which was odd. I was told a booking will reflect after I check out- seems stupid to me- why not show live bookings?

It takes 50 paid nights (INR 6000* 50 = 300000 INR) to get enough loyalty points to qualify for one free night. I am told in more expensive hotels like Novotel members get more points and qualify for stay sooner, as those rooms are even expensive.

1 week since I checked out, My accor account doesn't reflect my stay or points. Email to hotel. tweet to accor got no response. It was a corporate booking and I created account after check-in. I didn't book through loyalty program, but that is the case with most business customers. I was told I will get my points after check out but hasn't happened. Can't spend tons of energy to chase this- if they don't allocate points for my stay my trust in the ALL program is lost and I won't have any preference for Accor for future stays.

Gym: Top floor has a gym, standard set of equipment. Some 4-5 treadmills, few cycles etc.

Billing issue: There were some issues with my booking. My company had booked directly with the hotel and made payment to company's accounts department. But Account department has not updated in the backend and the website used by reception staff was showing no payment is done for my reservation. Unnecessarily I had to wake up our company's operations team at 6 AM to resolve this with the hotel so that we can check out and go to hotel.

On our last day we asked for a taxi to be arranged to airport. Quote was 1260 INR (we had paid 1200 while coming from airport to hotel). Taxi came some 10-15 minutes late and it was innova (we would have saved a bit on a sedan instead)

Staff were largely good and courteous. Security staff took 2-3 days to register my face. Maybe I looked like someone who can't afford staying at their hotel- initial few days I was asked why am I entering their hotel and I had to explain I stay here.

What is nearby?

There are 2-3 malls (Neptune Mall, R City mall etc) within 3 kms from IBIS Vikhroli. Powai lake/garden is 5-6 kms away. IIT Mumbai, WeWork Vikhroli are nearby. Vikhroli local train station on central line is 2-3 kms away. I could take a slow local to CST on Sunday.

Lal Bahadur shastri road is wide but a metro construction which is going on has taken away some space. There is a bit of filth, mud and sewage around which is common in most parts of Mumbai. You will find multiple restaurants and road side shops within 500 meters from Ibis Vikhroli.


  1. Ibis hotels are decent compared to other similar priced hotels, good to know about cashews and drumsticks. Any luck with tender coconuts ?


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