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Electric bike rental experience in Taiwan

In Taiwan Indians need an international driver’s permit to rent a vehicle. Unlike Thailand, Australia and NZ where Indian driving licenses are adequate. This is mostly because Taiwan drives on the right like the USA and not on the left like India, UK, Australia, New Zealand

As I entered Liuqiu island off the coast of Taiwan mainland near Kaohsiung , renting a two wheeler seemed like the most optimal way to explore the island. There were many bike rental shops right next to the ferry point. But we chose to walk to the hostel and plan our next move. The island is very small- you can even walk around (about 12- 15 kms in circumference if you walk along the coast) but that will take time and drain energy, so we explored a two wheeler option.

While we can’t rent regular two wheelers, we could rent an electric cycle. Just like in India, vehicles that don’t go faster than 25 kmph do not need any license and anyone can rent them. The two seater was a cycle+ battery powered motor. It cost us 350 Taiwan Dollars to rent and we had to give 700 dollars as deposit.

I was worried if they would scam us asking extra money for existing damages or minor damages- so I took all around video of the vehicle before taking possession. Luckily no extra money was asked while returning it.

The electric cycle is very slow and we can't climb up slopes easily- we will have to pedal to supplement the energy- but overall it works- we could explore the island fairly well. 

Couple of mirrors would have been nice- but it had none.

I would have driven for about 30-40 kms over a day- a couple of rounds around the island. The charge lasted the whole day, so we didn’t have to run back to the shop to charge it. But this vehicle looks too cycle-like, so you will get an unusual look. Seats are not that comfortable, but ok for short rides- as we didn’t have any other options- conventional pedal cycles I didn’t see in any shop- they aren’t that profitable and need effort so I guess shop keepers are not keen to keep them for rent.

I didn’t see any traffic police in LiuQiu island.  It is too small an island to have lots of Govt employees. No taxi either. I saw some tour buses parked- so I guess some operators do offer bus tours in peak season.

The rental shops have limited timings, like 9 AM to 5 PM- so we’ve to collect, return or charge the scooters within these timings- Need to factor this while planning your visit to Liuqiu island.

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