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Offbeat Tiger Waterfalls near Bhatkal, UK

Tiger waterfall is a hidden waterfall in Bhatkal, North Canara district in Karnataka, visible only during monsoon. A thin stream of water drops gorgeously down the cliff offering view of an amazing waterfall. I had noticed this waterfall 2 years ago on google maps- last year I made an attempt to reach there in car from Hadin Eco Beach side but it was not possible to find a proper path so I gave up

This time I went in bike, from the Bhatkal city side and could reach the spot with some minimum effort

How to reach Tiger Waterfall Bhatkal?

On google map, enter G H S Mundalli. This is a Govt high school. Just about 100 meters before reaching GHS Mundalli, there is a mud road that goes upwards towards your right. Follow this road. At times it might be confusing, but keep an eye on Tiger Waterfall Basti on google maps and go in the direction. Even bike ride may not be possible till the end as there are some paths which are muddy and might be risky to bike on. At some point you will have to park the bike and walk- maybe 500 m to a km. Keep an eye on the streams flowing.

Watch the reel (follow me on insta)

Can we go in cars to Tiger Waterfall Bhatkal?

Last 2-3 kms are rocky terrain with some bad patches. SUVs will pass easily, normal cars, proceed at your own risk if you’re confident enough.

What else to keep in mind while visiting Tiger Waterfall in Bhatkal?

  • Waterfall will be dry post monsoon.
  • No access to go to bottom of the waterfall
  • Saw some construction going on in the area
  • Mobile signal is available, no other help or facilities are available.

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