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Ottinene sunset viewpoint ner Byndoor- revisited

After my first visit to Ottinene in October 2011 in an Aria, I've had 2 more visits to this place off NH17 (66) between Byndoor and Bhatkal.

Ottinene is known for its sunset view point.However first 2 visits were during morning and the latest visit was exactly at sunset time. As we drove in, I was expecting sunset to happen right in front of me, where I could view river joining the sea. But the viewpoint is angled southwards, while sunset would happen on the west, so naturally my expectation was stupid. Also the bushes had grown a lot compared to 2011 and view was not so great.

So we walked downwards towards the ocean, using the steps in between the woods. From here we could get good sunset view and some photos below for your reference.

There're some cottages here in Ottinene if you wish to stay, but bookings need to be done at Forest Department Office in Kundapura town. Room rents are about 800 Rs a day. However no restaurants are available, you'll have to drive to nearby town for the same. One resort is also available nearby (Sai Vishram resort)

Below: Cheetah sneaking in from the woods, waiting for its pray

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