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Israel Model for National Security

Recently Israel Navy intercepted a ship carrying rockets and other weapons headed to Gaza strip, to be potentially used against Israel. [CNN Report] This incident is latest to the series of examples of Israel's smart intelligence and execution capabilities. I did some reading about Israel recently and the way Israel defends itself is remarkable. Over time Israel has built brilliant intelligence system which it has been using effectively to safeguard itself and hit back at its enemies.

Some Examples:
1. Operation Entebbe (Operation Thunderbolt): July 1976- An Air France flight from Tel Aviv was hijacked and flown into Entebbe, thousands of miles from Israel. Most of the passengers were Israeli nationals and terrorists demanded release of several militants held in Israeli prisoners. Terrorists wouldn't have remote idea that Israel would attempt a daring rescue mission. One brave Israeli commander lost his life and one civilian was shot dead as he was mistaken for terrorist, but every other (102 hostages) were rescued. Israel did what was best and right for its citizens- didn't worry about diplomatic impact and didn't hesitate to take a risk. Do watch below video.

2: Revenge for Munich Olympics Massacre
11 Members of Israeli Olympics team died in Munich, 1972 as terrorists took them hostage from the Olympics campus. The German rescue effort backfired and all athletes and terrorists died. But over years, Israel managed to track all key individuals behind the planning of this attack and eliminated them one by one.

Apart from these, Israel faces constant border disputes with its neighbors and has been successful in defending every inch of its land so far.

This photo really represents the true spirit of Israel.

India has good military relationship with Israel and is one of its biggest customers for military goods [Details]. If only we had the political will, we could have built special teams similar to Israel's and dealt with our enemies accordingly.

When IC 814 was hijacked to Kandhahar, something similar to Operation Thunderbolt could have been attempted.

When 26/11 happened, India could have identified the perpetrators and eliminated them one by one, similar to how planners of Munich Massacre were traced and destroyed.

I am sure we have the men and technology to counter national threats. What we lack is the political will. That is my expectation from next government. Let us see


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