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'Sudhi Kannan: An Elephantic adventure' by Krishnaraj HK

'Sudhi Kannan: An Elephantic Adventure' is a work of fiction written by Krishnaraj HK. This close to 300 pages book narrates a young boy's adventures at Elephanta islands off Mumbai coast, which terrorists were planning to take control of.
Plot revolves around a mischievous kid, named Sudhi Kannan, who is all set to be expelled from his school, while his father is on the verge of loosing a mega business deal. Amidst these, they head out to Elephanta caves for a day's outing. While it was supposed to be a simple trip, destiny had other plans. Some deadly terrorists have made their way into the island and are plotting bigger plans. Terrorist leader has a special skill to hypnotize people in-front of him and make them obey his command-a deadly skill he uses effectively to neutralize security forces.

There're sub plots involving Sudhi's classmate Pooja, politics at the school, one of the terrorists falling in love with a villager's daughter, and so on, to keep the narration interesting and going.

Detailed account of Sudhi's conversation and mischief with Pooja, description of the Elephanta islands & caves, occasional slow motion narrations etc keeps adding spice to the already interesting novel.

Book is interesting till the end. But the climax is little disappointing. I feel the story is not taken to a logical conclusion- all questions are left unanswered. As you read the novel many questions build up in your head, which you expect an answer by the end, but in this book, audience is left to guess the answers.

Did Mr Kannan get to retain his clients, who is Boss, how were they neutralized, what happened to Stephen and Roopa, Did Sudhi become a national hero? Did the school drop the idea of expelling him? All these are left unanswered- you can use your imagination to conclude the story, or probably wait for the sequel, if there's any.

Nevertheless, story telling, plot selection and narration is good. Written in simple English, book retains interest till the end while building curiosity and suspense. Pretty good action movie material.

  • Title: Sudhi Kannan: An Elephantic Adventure
  • Author: Krishnaraj HK
  • Publishers: Blackbuck Publications
  • Genre: Fiction
  • ISBN 978-163041949-3
  • Pages: 292
  • MRP:  Rs 180 ( Rs 133 on Amazon.in)

When I had been to Mumbai I had a chance to visit Elephanta caves. I missed it. After reading this book, I am more tempted to check out the island.

Sudhi Kannan is author Krishnaraj's first book. I wish him more success in subsequent books.

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