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Zoomcar crowd funded Ambassador Campaign

Bangalore based and fast expanding pure play Self drive company Zoomcars has over a 125 cars of half dozen types- They started with Ford Figo and Mahindra Scorpio and have added BMW320d, Ford Ecosport, VW Vento, Reva, Honda City and will soon be adding XUV500, Safari Storme and Thar. I've experienced their service multiple times and the way they've changed Bangalore's self drive rental scene is remarkable. [My earlier review here]

Now they have a scheme to introduce an Ambassador to their fleet- that, provided we contribute a few dollars each. In a way, this will be a crowd funded car. Ambassadors and Fiats were once the only cars we could see on Indian roads, but now they've disappeared into oblivion unable to bear the onslaught of modern cars.
Greg and David with pink Ambassador
Zoom is trying to add an Ambassador, priced at Rs 60000 (USD 1000). Zoom invites its members and general public to contribute. If you are thinking you're being asked to do charity, you're wrong. Zoomcars is not asking money for free. In exchange to your contribution, you will get goodies worth your money-including T Shirts, complementary rentals etc. 

Besides adding the Ambassador, zoom founders Greg and David do have many more plans for India's heritage car- such as adding high volume speakers, over the bonnet chargers, rims and other accessories to make the car stand out. I am waiting for the car to roll out.
An Ambassador car from my photo library-contextual photo
 Zoom recently completed their 1st anniversary- do read some updates here
Zoom car Ford Ecosport
Real objective of above kickstarter campaign is to have fun and spread awareness. If more and more people avoid buying cars and rent them on need basis, road congestion eases, fuel consumption goes down and in general it is good for everyone (except for automobile companies of course).

On my part, I've made a 45 Dollar contribution. The campaign has already reached one fourth of its target and is open for another 3 weeks. Do check below link to view details and contribute


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