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Copenhagen Sand Sculpture Festival 2013

I should have posted this earlier, but better late than never.

Copenhagen's annual Sand & Sculpture Festival for 2013 was hosted between May 17 till August 25th. I managed to visit it just in time, during its last few days. Displayed in a small campus near the Copenhagen Harbor, the sand festival had an entry fee of 50 DKK. I visited in the evening, after office hours- not the best time for photographs, but still it was a worth visit.

Below are some of the photos and description of Copenhagen Sand Festival 2013, taken from my mobile camera (Couldn't carry DSLR)

The Copenhagen Sand & Sculpture Festival, 2013 had 17 different sculptures from all over the world. Interestingly, the award winning one was the one from India- created by Mr Sudarsan Pattnaik of Odissa, themed Go Green- Save the earth. This was the only colour exhibit while all other art works had colour of sand/clay.

1. Award winning Sculpture- Go Green-Save the earth by Sudarsan Pattnaik, India

As you see, the sculpture is simple but effective- depicting tree branch, leaves, mother earth and human beings, stressing the need for harmony among these elements of nature.

Above right- 2. Control Freak, by Patrick Steptoe of Denmark
3. In the mind of a mask- by Bob Atisso of Togo (Togo is a small country in Africa, between Ghana and Nigeria)- We are all incomplete human beings!

 4. "A stolen heart" by Anique Kurzenga of Indonesia-notice the missing heart in the man's chest. (He also has stolen shirt, trousers and inner wear!)

5. Bye Bye Mister Money! by Etual Ojeda of Spain... Yeah! Let us abandon the concept of money and go back to history where people used to barter one good for another!

6. Antartic by Katsu Chaen Japan and Bagrat Stephanyan Russia - Notice the polar bear holding a seal
7. Big Mama by Ulrich Baentsch Germany
 8.Prince Consort Henrik of Denmark with king python, Created by Bagrat Stepanyan (Russia)

Prince Henrik's sculpture was carved showing him carrying the king python on his head. This sculpture was inspired by below photograph

9.(Above right) Reverse Engineering by Guy Oliver Deveau of Canada-It represents the story of a human as depicted by a robot

10. Still life by Pavel Mylnikov Russia

11.Time Curves by Gianni Schiumarini, Italy

12 Metropolis- at the Copenhagen Sand Sculpture Festival.

13. No Spoken Words, Michela Ciappini, (Italy)

14. Technology or Nature, Irina Taflevskaya (Ukraine), Ruslan Korokov (Bulgaria)
Some more sculptures

Exhibition campus also had a children play area where kids could try their hands on clay and sand and build something they feel like.
 Entrance to Copenhagen Sand Festival 2013 (CPHSAND 2013)

Overall it was time well spent. It was great to see artists from around the world presenting their ideas and creativity at Copenhagen Sand Festival 2013. It would have taken weeks of hard work to create each of these pieces
Copenhagen Sand Festival (Kobenhavn Sandskulptur festival) as seen during canal tour


  1. Lots of talent and skill there! Wow!!

  2. Copenhagen is in my list. Let's see when I can see this wonderful show. Very talented indeed.

  3. Such a treat for the eyes. Wonderfully shared with the cool images. Great to see such talent. Lovely when Indians win!
    Great that Puri, Odisha's Shri Pattnaik has brought so much fame for our India, having won many Gold medals worldwide.
    I have shared your post in Twitter & G+ :)

  4. Really all painting are awesome i love this i want to ask who make this painting.

  5. Thanks DN.

    Nisha- This is held almost every year. Do visit

    Thanks for sharing

    Rahul- thanks

  6. Great views of fantastic sculptures! We were quite fortunate to see several during a canal ride in July 2013, but we're glad to see the art shared on the web.

  7. Great views of fantastic sculptures! We were quite fortunate to see several during a canal ride in July 2013, but we're glad to see the art shared on the web.


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