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Dakshin 25 Anniversary Menu rates

I am not much of a foodie and publishing restaurant menu and price on blog is certainly not my thing.
However, being South Indian, the 25th Anniversary celebrations at Dakshin, one of the top 10 restaurants in India that serves south Indian food caught my attention. It is a 24 day long celebration and 8 different styles are being offered on specific days in April. They are offering food from my native place and of course have almost all key South Indian traditions and best of food items covered. Naturally it is a point of interest to check out what exactly they have on offer and for how much.  When I made social media updates about the food festival I got questions on what specific items they have and at what price.  Unfortunately this information was not available on the hotel website or anywhere else in public domain.

Knowing what times are on offer, when and at what price helps anyone plan their lunch/dinner outings. Hence I felt like I should publish the details on my blog, so that prospective customers and others who like south Indian food can visit Dakshin during celebrations as per their convenience.

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Rest of the post lists details on various key items available during Dakshin’s 25th Anniversary celebrations. If this doesn’t interest you, you may wish to explore other Travel & Living related posts here

Summary: The 24 day food festival is split into 8 parts
Kanara Jeevan
3-5 April 2014
Coastal Karnataka food
Koduva Oota
6-8 April 2014
Coorg special
Mudhaliar Pandigai
9-11 April 2014
Mudhaliar special
Syrian christian
12-14 April 2014
Kerala Christian
Rajula bhojanam
15-17 April 2014
Andhra Pradesh special
Thanjavur cuisine
15-17 April 2014
Thanjavur Special
Mophla Magic
18-20 April 2014
Arabian courisne
Franco Pondicherian
21-24 April 2014
Pondy special

If this interests you, find detailed menu in below images 

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