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Zoomcar vs Myles- Blr Self Drive Comparison

I've written lots of posts about self drive rentals, but there's still more to write. In this post I am comparing 3 key operators in Bangalore, for self drive car rentals. Purpose of this post is to help you select right agency for your specific needs, as each of these agencies have their pros and cons.

My detailed review of Zoomcars can be found here,  Revv here and recent Myles experience can be found here

Myles (Carzonrent)
Sample Rent Amount (Weekend)
Swift 2520 (120 kms), 4200 (360 kms)

XUV500: 4680 (120 kms), 6720 (360 kms)

Fuel included, Rs 12 to 15 per km extra beyond free kms
Beat Rs 1912, Swift Rs 2853 per day a day

XUV500, Rs 3799 a day 

+ fuel extra, unlimited kms
Swift/Celerio 2040 per day for 120 kms, Rs 3576 for unlimited kms

XUV500 Rs 4056 for 120 kms, Rs 5976 for unlimited kms
+ Fuel extra + Per km 8 Rs beyond 120 kms +
+300 Rs mandatory pickup and drop charges
No clear winner- all depends on usage. Refer illustrations in the end

I like the simplicity of Myles which keeps rental amount and usage/fuel expense separate
17 models in BLR29 car options in BLR (MT and AT counted separate) 15 models in BLR

Many locations allow you to park your car/bike and pickup rental

Few new models introduced

Very expensive for my long drives- say 1000 kms in 2 days

Better speed limit (125 kmph)
Easy pricing- rental & usage separate- no need to worry about how many kms I will be using (I can drive just 5 kms or 500 kms a day-no extra km charges and no lost money on unused kms)

Works out lot cheaper for my ultra long trips
Relatively new cars

Better speed limit (125 kmph)

Likely to be cheaper than Zoom in most cases overall

Massive overspeed penalty (Rs 2500)

Min charge Rs 1000 even for minor scratch/dent
100 kmph speed limit

Booking modification is a pain

Fleet getting older

Can't park your bike/car n pickup rental vehicle
Combi pricing is confusing to me- have to keep an eye on km restrictions, have to fill fuel and need to pay excess km charges

Unlimited km option is way too expensive than Myles

Mandatory pickup & drop charges (Rs 300- can't avoid)

Can't park your bike/car n pickup rental vehicle

Deposit & Liability
5k blocked on card
If you don’t have a credit card, you   can’t rent from Myles
Fuel charges
120/240/360 kms per day worth fuel included in rental, for subsequent use, per km charge of Rs 12/15 applied, fuel expense reimbursed
Car will be given full tank, to be returned full tank. No km limit for daily rental (km restrictions apply for hourly rental). If returned less than full tank, a 15% charge in addition to fuel expense will be levied
120/240/360 kms per day worth fuel included in rental, for subsequent use, per km charge of Rs 8/15 applied + customers needs to return full tank

Unlimited km option also available but expensive
Fleet and Pickup locations
About 20 in Blr and counting, Many locations in Pune and NCR
About 12 in Blr and counting, available in many other cities, including Mysore and Mangalore
No designated locations, will be delivered at customer specified address
Available, Rs 300
Recently introduced
Mandatory- Rs 300
Carzonrent charges Rs 750 extra for airport locations
One way rental
Not Available
Not Available
Not Available
Vehicle Options- Compact
Figo, Swift, KUV1OO, Baleno, Ritz, i20 Elite, Jazz
Swift, Jazz, Figo, Grand i10, Beat, e2o, Baleno
Celerio, Swift, Baleno, Grand i10
Not all cars are available in all locations
Vehicle Options- Sedans
Amaze, City, Ciaz, Aspire
City, Ciaz, Amaze, Vento, Etios, Corolla Altis, Sunny
Aspire, City, Amaze, Sunny
Vehicle Options- SUV/7 seaters
Ecosport, Scorpio, XUV500, Fortuner
Duster, Fortuner, XUV500, Innova, Creta, MU7, Scorpio, Ertiga, Ecosport, Safari
Innova, Ecosport
Scorpio, Duster

Vehicle Options- Premium cars
A Class, GLA Class
Fortuner (Looks like C and E class discontinued)
 Audi Q3
Interstate permit
AP state permit will be refunded by Zoom
To be paid by customer
To be paid by customer
Automatic cars
BMW 320d, A Class, Reva e20, GLA class
e2o, Grand i10 AT Creta AT, Jazz AT, CIty AT, Fortuner AT
 Audi Q3
Booking Process
Very simple 
Manageable- could be simplified. Need to sign few pages, block amount on card etc
 Very simple
Instead of taking copy of passport, DL each time, Carzonrent can take it once and store it
Refer brand's FB page
Refer brand's FB page
Refer brand's FB page
Speed restriction
Rs 2500 penalty
100kmph, ridiculously low
125 kmph
Cancellation Policy
Possible but charges apply 
Free up to 24 hours
Possible but charges apply 
Mobile App
Accessories in the car
Depends- usually Tissue paper and fire extinguisher 
fire extinguisher, Aux cable
Active on Social Media
Yes, very active and responsive
Yes, reasonably active
Yes, reasonably active
Hourly Rent
Available, Min 4 hours
Available, (Min 2 hours)
Available, Min 10 hours
Weekly/Long term

24 hour operations
No. (Between 6 AM to midnight only)
Booking Modifications
Very Easy, Charges apply
Impossible (need to cancel and re-book)
 Yes, easy

Refer below table for rental illustrations to identify which is cheaper when
Illustration 1: Weekday, quick city ride (80 kms)- say for a lunch date, 4 hours, Honda city (MT)
Zoomcar is clear winner for very short usage.
Zoom cars
Myles (Carzonrent)
City, 4 hours XL at Rs 640 (60 kms) + Rs 15 * 20= Rs 300
Total: 940
City rental Rs 687 for 40 kms
+ Rs 12 * 40 kms=480 Rs
Total: 1167
Minimum Rental duration= 10 hours
Rs 1050 for 150 kms + Rs 300 pickup/delivery +  250 fuel
= 1700

Illustration 2: Weekend short trip, 150kms- like Blr-Nandi hills and back, 6 hours, Compact SUV (Ecosport)
Revv and Zoomcar seems to work best for short term, do your maths and decide.
Rs 1320 for 90 kms + Rs 15 * 60 kms = 900
Total: Rs 2220
Rs 3250 for 6 hours, only 60 kms included  + Rs 12/km=1080 extra, fuel included = 4330 total
It makes better sense to rent it for whole day and spend extra on fuel (Rs 3856 rental + 600 on fuel= 4456
Minimum Rental duration= 10 hours
Rs 1590 for 150 kms + 600 Rs Fuel + 300 pickup and drop
Rs 2490

Illustration 3: Weekend short trip, 300 kms – like Bengaluru-Mysuru and back, 2 days, Small car (Ex: Baleno)
Almost neck to neck- no clear winner- decide based on your preferences- Need High flexibility as our plans are not 100 certain= Myles. We know exactly what how much we will drive: Zoom/Revv
Option 1: Rs 3120 per day at 120 kms/day
Rs 6240 rental + 0 Fuel + 720 excess km charge (Rs 12 per km * 60 kms) = 6960 (Rs 7k approx)
Option 2: Rs 3960 per day at 240 kms/day
Rs 7920 rental + Zero Fuel  or excess km charge = 7920 total.
You can drive another 180 kms at no additional cost
Baleno 2 day rental: 6184
Fuel extra (about Rs 1000) for 300 kms
Total: Rs 7184
 Option 1: Rs 2520 per day at 120 kms/day
Rs 5040 rental + 1000 Fuel + 600 excess km charge (Rs 10 per km * 60 kms) + Rs 300 pickup/drop = 6940 (Rs 7k approx)
Option 2: Rs 2856 per day at 240 kms/day
Rs 5712 rental + 1000 Fuel + Rs 300 pickup/drop = 7012 (Rs 7k approx) – In this option you can drive additional 180 kms with fuel cost only without triggering extra km charges

Illustration 4: Weekend trip ultra long drive, 1000kms (Ex: Bengaluru-Karwar or Pondy and back), XUV500, 2 days:  Myles is clear winner, but you will have to crawl at 100kmph on highway
XUV500- 360 kms per day XL package at Rs 6720 per day
13440 Rental, 720 kms included
+ 280 extra kms at Rs 15/km= Rs 4200
Total: INR 17640 (plus you will have to spend on fuel and wait for it to be reimbursed)
XUV500 2 day rental: Rs 3779 per day = 7558
Fuel cost for 1000 kms- approx Rs 5200
Total: 12758 Rs
XUV5OO unlimited package at Rs 5016 per day
10032 for 2 days +
Fuel cost for 1000 kms- approx Rs 5200
Total: 15232

Illustration 5: Long term rental- 1 week, 2000kms, 7 seater- Scorpio
Revv is expensive. Decide between Zoomcar and Myles. Zoomcar may be preferred as it protects against actual fuel cost
Option 1:23280 for 1680 kms
+ Rs 15 *320 kms= 4800 = Rs 28080 total
Option 2:  30240 for 2520 kms
19236 in rental
+ Rs 8800 in fuel approx
= 28000 total
 Rs 29632 unlimited kms
+ Rs 8800 on fuel + pickup= 39k
Rs 25600 for 1680 kms + excess km charge 3200 + 8800 fuel + pick-up:  38k

While Revv charges a mandatory pickup & drop charges, with Myles and Zoom it is optional. Unless you have someone who can drop you or you can park your own vehicle at the pickup spot, you should also factor cost of reaching the pickup point and back- taxi, auto or public transport, if you’re not availing pickup/drop facility. This computation assumes that you have a cheaper way to reach the pickup point.

Rental amount as displayed in corresponding websites at the time of compiling this post. Rentals are subject to change

Fuel expense calculation is also approximate and may change over time based on fuel cost, driving style, vehicle and other parameters

One accidental over speeding and you'll be poorer by Rs 2500 with Zoom. Simplest thing rental companies can do is work with car dealer and electronically limit the car to a max speed, so that customers can never exceed that speed no matter what. But overspeed penalty is easy and free money so rental agencies find it more convenient to charge a penalty.


Zoom scores heavily in terms of simple process, interactive website and support, not having to worry about fuel. Myles (Carzonrent) on the other hand little cumbersome w.r.t process, but works out cheaper for very long drives. Revv works out relatively better than Zoomcar whenever you under utilize or over utilize the kms.
  • Weekend, ultra long drives- Myles will work out cheaper 
  • Weekday and Long term rentals- if your usage is within 200-250kms a day, Zoomcar or Revv will work out cheaper
  • Weekend, depending on kms run and vehicles chosen, equation can tilt both ways. Compare and decide
  • If you don’t have a credit card, you can’t rent from myles. Zoom and Revv allow members to rent even without credit cards. Also amount blocked on your card can take up to 3 weeks to get released. If you don’t have enough credit limit or if you need your credit card limit for some other purchase, better to go for Zoom even if the rental is expensive by a few hundred rupees. Ease of process with Zoom makes it a lot hassle free, compared to the pain of waiting for Carzonrent to release your money. If the cost difference is small, I recommend Zoom.
  • Carzonrent doesn’t allow modifications to your booking. You can only cancel and rebook- Zoom and Revv allow shortening/extending booking.  
  • A dedicated comparison between Zoomcar and Revv is available here, when I rented a city from both agencies.
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Read about Zoom's July 2014 policy change
Zoom: BMW 320d * Ecosport * Scorpio * Figo * Reva
Carzonrent: XUV500 * Ertiga * Duster * C Class * Carzonrent Goa experience *
Revv: Audi Q3 * Ford Aspire * Honda city


  1. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post, It is awesome.

  2. Very informative. Appreciate that.
    Can you please let me know is there any excess insurance available for self drive cars in India? thanks

  3. What do you mean by 'Excess Insurance'? All cars are covered fully under insurance. In zoom even members are covered under insurance

  4. mr.hande if you can guide on the start up in mumbai i am interested my cel no 9930922366

  5. Dear Illusion

    I am not clear what you're looking for. Please be little more specific

  6. Zoom will charge 5000 refundable deposit from today. Also, minimum duration for a hourly booking is 4 hours from today.

  7. I saw the announcement. My weekend is about to begin. Once I am back I will re-do the calculations w.r.t new rates.

  8. Why they can't have any place pickup and any location drop off facility

  9. They should be able to- if booking software is upgraded to be able to deal with this kind of scenario, OR they will have to employ someone to drive the car to its base location, once it is returned...

  10. You did not mention liability. zoomcar offers max liability of Rs 5000/-. carzonrent does not mention anything about this. For this reason alone, I would prefer zoomcar even at higher charges.

  11. Hi Friends, Just wanted to know if the cars rented are facilitated with Airbags.

  12. Not all.. but few high end cars are fitted with airbags..

    Zoom's GLA, A class, 3 series, Ecosport and XUV W6 come with airbags

    Similarly few carzonrent models have airbags

  13. Was my first and last booking with carzonrent due your below highlights.

    1. Delivery location is different from the one mentioned during booking

    2. Arrogant behavior by office staff

    3. Delivery is based on office staff convineince and customer has to literally wait for 2 hours outside office in total.This is not a 24x7 faciltiy

  14. Was my first and last booking with carzonrent due your below highlights.

    1. Delivery location is different from the one mentioned during booking

    2. Arrogant behavior by office staff

    3. Delivery is based on office staff convineince and customer has to literally wait for 2 hours outside office in total.This is not a 24x7 faciltiy

  15. Staff of both zoom and carzorent behave as they are doing a favour on you by renting you the car. Most of the cars are abused and gues what it's not the customer but the staff themselves who have screwed all the cars.

  16. It is Zoomcar the best service....I had used Scorpio, awesome experience & they refunded the repair & Fuel bills within 10 days time.

    Rahul Monde

  17. Thanks Rahul for your experience.

    @Anon: Folks I interacted with were by and large friendly... there could be some exceptions.

    Also reaching a human being on customer care is getting very difficult of late

  18. excellent review and very useful information

  19. Myles self drive car very transparent and good service

  20. Thanks for this information! I was comparing the rates & I could see a difference of 11000 between zoom & carzon for 1 week rental. We were thinking of a Suv (safari/duster/scorpio). The pricing taken from their sites to compare. I am not sure on how the service is for carzon. This will be our first car rentals in India & we don't want to be e . Since you are an expert, any advice would be appreciated. For first 4 days we will be using just in bangalore city, so kms wont go higher than 150 per day. the last 2 days we would be going for a long trip.

  21. ZOomcar rental includes fuel for 240kms a day, so it would appear higher. Do read tariff policies and do the maths. You can try carzonrent if your usage is too less or too much. If it averages around 240km per day or most of the usage is on weekdays,try zoomcar

  22. HI

    You comparison is totally wrong
    for XUV 1000KM Illustration 4), what is the millage you calculated for XUV,
    as per you comparison it's 7.9 KMPl it's totally wrong,
    i took car from myles & Zoom cars many times, compare to Zoom car myles car response is really good, & if you calculate properly myles car is worth then zoom cars.

    I face many issue with Zoom cars, they service is really pathetic.
    You can't plan any travel by trusting Zoom Cars, simply they take a booking & you won't get the car which you booked, i face this issue almost 3 time out of 5 times booking,
    Many of my friends also face the same issue with Zoom Car,
    But in case of myles car they won't even take the booking if the car is not available.

    Recently i took car from myles it's almost 1500KM for 4 days, for XUV the difference was almost 7K more in Zoom car.

  23. @Raghu
    What is the mileage you got with XUV500? You may get upto 10 if you drive very well with little load and little usage of AC.

    Yes, of late there're many complaints emerging on Zoom, as they scale big time, they seem to be unable to maintain same level of customer satisfaction and quality control.

    Yes, for 4 days you get about 960km only in Zoom car. The per km Rs 15 thereafter will be much more than buying your own fuel in Myles.

  24. Please explain which part of my comparison is wrong... Of course fuel expense, rental etc may change over time. Blog post is little old and may not reflect latest numbers.

  25. Myles now mentions in their website that speed limit is 100 kmph
    This is a major deciding factor - very restrictive limit. Let's say you are driving on any of the national highways (especially the ones connecting the Metros) with no effort you will reach 100 kmph and in some stretches you can safely do 120 kmph.
    Hence very easy to breach the speed limit. I wouldn't want to this given the fines!
    No No to Myles because of this limit!

  26. @vijay- heard it from few friends-unfortunate decision from Carzonrent.... Something above 150 might have been acceptable, 100 is very less.

  27. Hi,
    I have question and this may not be app thread...but I go ahead anyway.
    Have you come across a system were u pay a deposit for a car which is interest free.Use the car for a time period and give it back and then get your deposit back.
    For example--I take/borrow/lease/rent your Merc paying you a 10 lakh deposit,use the car for a year. Give it back unscratched--you refund my money.
    a)Hv u heard of something like this? b)Do you anyone who does this?

  28. Hi,

    My first, worst and last experience with Zoomcar. The service is pathetic and highly unprofessional. To top it all, they deduct cancellation fees as they do not carry road permits and force you to cancel your booking at the nth hour. Papers were missing for the car assigned to us and then the next car allotment took 45 minutes.

    Lastly we discovered they do not have road permits from Andhra and want you to stand in the queue and pay the tax and then claim it..highly doubtful

  29. Hi,

    Please do not book Zoomcar. The service is pathetic and highly unprofessional. To top it all, they deduct cancellation fees as they do not carry road permits and force you to cancel your booking at the nth hour. Papers were missing for the car assigned to us and then the next car allotment took 45 minutes.

    Lastly we discovered they do not have road permits from Andhra and want you to stand in the queue and pay the tax and then claim it..highly doubtful

  30. Hi Arundhati

    Zoomcar not having Andhra permit was known thing from Day 1.

    Paying interstate permit is inevitable in most state borders. More in this post http://www.enidhi.net/2014/05/interstate-tourist-taxi-permit-mafia.html

    Thanks for sharing your observations.

    I have covered the lease topic in this post

  31. Also note that Myles doesnt reimburse any interstate permit

  32. hi,
    very good comparison...
    i have booked zoom car Scorpio for a outstation long trip (Tamil nadu and Kerala) would like to know will there be any problems reading interstate taxation??
    i also want to know weather zoom cars comes with a roof top luggage carrier???

  33. Don;t think any car has roof top luggage carrier. There is no way to request such things-

    THere wont be problem, but you will have to wait in line and pay interstate tax- Rs 150 for Kerala, not sure of TN- few hundreds only. Depending on rush the process may take a few hours

  34. Hi,
    I called the zoom car and enquired for a few things.I am looking for a self driven car and they said that the rental charges will be Rs4,600/-. I want to book for Bangalore-Tirupthi and return.I wanted to know whether the rental charge of Rs4,600/- is for the entire trip or is it on daily basis.I need the car on 23rd december at 9PM and will be returning back on 25th december evening by 8PM.I am trying to enquiry the same with zoom car but they are not responding to my calls.I have registered at their website,downloaded the app as well.

  35. @Prasanna

    Just use their website- it will give exact amount based on day, car type, duration etc.

    From what you have specified, looks like it is 2 day rental amount for a Figo. Will include 480 kms worth fuel usually... beyond with Rs 12 per km is charged.

    Just use their website or app for exact rates and to book

  36. Seems like the policies have drastically changed since this comparo is posted.

  37. Hi,
    Can you please share that how come Zoomcar is able to work on such low deposit rates, considering the prices of the car?

  38. @Thilak
    Yes, things have changed a lot. Will try to update

    @Anon- I am not sure, but my guess i they have worked out a deal with insurance company- wherein they will probably pay a slightly higher premium per rental in exchange insurance co would cover any damage in excess of Rs 5000.. Just my guess

  39. Need to know how much does Zoom car charge advance deposit for XUV 500?

  40. Very informative ,keep up the good work.

  41. Thanks v much for this.. but this seems like 2 years old.. Is there an updated comparison? I know "Myles/CarzOnRent" have done some major changes now.. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks.

  42. The updates that myles has done is well hidden, tried to book with them in Goa and Coimbatore..not possible. Stick with Zoom, very very good.

  43. Consider I am hiring a zoom car for 2 days and km limit is 720 km ..my trip will come around 1000 km .my fuel tank will be empty around 600km after that should I fill fuel of my own cost???? They will charge 15rs / km additional

  44. @Suresh- You should fuel up yourself and submit the bill- they will refund the bill amount.

    @Sushill- I have booked with Myles Coimbatore and Goa. Can you explain on the concerns?

    @Jaspreet- I will try to update it whenever time permits. Both companies keep launching new schemes, offers, discounts etc on regular basis- I can't keep manually updating this post every few days

  45. Hi Guys,
    I have booked a Mahindra XUV 500 from Myles on Registration No.TS09UA4378 on 25 June 2016 to 26 June 2016 from Hitech City, Hyderabad.
    On prior inquiry of details, the team here mentioned that we have to pay insurance claim charges in case of accident along with other details.
    At the time of return I had a parking accident where i made scratches on side doors and minor one on front bumper and they again assured that it would be covered in insurance and balance amount after deducting claim charges will be refunded to me.
    But when I went to your office in Hitech city on 06 July, they showed me insurance charges of 12000(paid by insurance company) and asked me to call on +91 8885666522 to get further details.
    On inquiring on details today(10 July), this guy said that the liability charges are 12k and I need to pay additional 7k to you. Which is ridiculous because you claimed the total amount through insurance and cheating me to pay the damage amount of 12k again.
    Please look into this complaint and get my refund immediately.
    This is the first such experience with Myles till now and hope it should be the last and shouldn't be the last ride with you.

    1. how is the car! is car in good condition? does it worth to book car in zoomcar? if not can you tell me someother good car booking companies.

  46. Sounds very odd.. Max liability should be 5k, the amount blocked on your card.

    Take it up with their call centre and customer care, not local office

  47. Hi Sreekanth

    Usually the cars offered by Zoomcar, Myles or Revv are reltively new and in good condition. But there is no 100% guarantee- some cars can be old or in poor condition. You need to take a chance. A bit of luck is involved as you can't predict car condition.

  48. Zoom is worth the money, there cars are good enough, and you usually get a reasonable deal. Though i have had a couple of shockers.

  49. Nice writeup Shrinidhi. I am a frequent user of car rental and I find zoomcar to be the best in the market. I had a bad experience with Myles which I've shared on my post here: http://www.travellingdiary.in/2016/11/car-rental-services-zoomcar-vs-carzonrent-myles.html

  50. @Vipul- Thanks. I read and commented on your post.

    @Sushil- True

  51. Myles do have their app as well on play store now.

  52. Hi srinidhi thanks for sharing comparison of all major players in self driven car rental businesses. It's 2017 now might be some rules changed and new stuff innovated. Can you please share the fresh comparison here

  53. I updated this towards end of 2016. Do not have the time to keep updating too frequently. Can you please help point out what are the recent changes? Will be easy for me to verify and update

  54. Bro, you are simple superb.

    A lot of info in a simple and structured differentiation.

  55. Thanks for sharing all of it. Amazing

  56. This is very informative. Thanks for sharing


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