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October, November & December 07-Summary of posts

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 December 2007-17 Posts in total
TitleCategory No. of Comments/Popularity
Pizza Review: Domino’s Stuffed Crunch Pizza

A quick review of a new Pizza flavor launched by Pizza major Dominos during November 2007. Around 17 Comments.

Product Review 17
e-निधिइंडिया New Year Resolutions A bunch of resolutions made by eNidhi India CBO for new year Humor5
Indian Railway goes Crazy-Adds Extra Berths
Railways plan to add an extra berth inbetween two side berths to increase capacity by 12%-This post lists pros and cons of the same.
New idea: fingerprint authentication for bikes Sharing an idea suggesting that bikes should have fingerprint enabled igntition Innovation 4
Coorg Trip posts:
Interview with Club Mahindra's Sr Manager, Marketing. Interview 14
CM's Coorg Trip for Travel BloggersTravel5
Omkareshwara Temple, Madikeri Travel 0
Abbi Falls, Madikeri, Karnataka (ಅಬ್ಬಿ ಜಲಪಾತ Travel 2
'ತೀರ್ಥ' Holy Water in Whiskey Bottle Observation 0
Resort Review-Club Mahindra Coorg (Kodagu Valley)Review6

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 November 12 posts in total
TitleCategoryNo. of Comments

My early Journalism Experiences

Few personal experiences related to journalism

My blog was discussed at Barcamp5 @ BangalorePublicity10

My teenage investment experiences

Few personal childhood experiences related to saving money

Experience 10

BSNL Chennai Telephones-Exerience account

Explains why I had to adbandon my BSNL connection and switch to airtel.

Experience 8

Now Two TVs in Kundapura-Udupi-Mangalore Buses

Local buses in coastal Karnataka have started placing multiple TVs inside the bus to entertain passengers...

Humor 0

Employee Error and its business impact

A staff puts pricing stickers in such a way that customers may feel they are paying more than MRP for thr product.


Perfumed shirts from TN Cooptex

Co-optex released perfumed cotton shirts. I bought one such shirt and wrote about it. In brief, the shirt smells good for sure but the impact is negligible as frangance is very weak.

Product Review 2

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 October 2007 - 16 Posts in Total
Title Category No. of Comments

TN Government's new plan to avoid Foot-board Travel...

How do you ensure commuters dont travel on foot board? Simple. Remove the foot board-Simple and effective Idea by TN MTC....


Bekal Fort Kerala-Photo Slideshow

Bekal Fort is a favorite spot for film makers, even since Maniratnam Shot Bombay here. Located few kms from Kasargod, Bekal Fort is an excellent picnik spot...

Travel 0

Zest Breaks by Mahindra .

A detailed analysis of Zest Breaks, a new holiday brand launched recently by Mahindra Holidays


100+ Comments for Club Mahindra article

My article on Club Mahindra secured over 164 comments so far. This post is a quick analysis of the comments received.

Analysis 3

A comment on 'Corporate' Movie

Why Vinay Sehgal ignored some simple alternatives?

Movie Review 6

Recent Trends in displaying ID Cards.

How do you display your ID card? Check various options and preferences


SEO-Writing for Search Engines vs Writing for Humans...

States some key differences to be noted while writing for search Engines.


Going out of town? Stay with fellow blogger… is a new concept where you can request for accomodation/offer accomodation to fellow bloggers...How do you like this concept?

Travel 6

Hyderabad-Bangalore by bus

Compares various operators plying between Hyderabad and Bangalore and lists the pros and cons of each operator. Also lists various third party ticket booking websites for bus journey and briefly covers Hyderabad-Chennai sector also.

Travel 16

Ganesha festival aftermath-photos of destruction

Few photos of pathetic state of Ganesh idol after the festival

Festivals 5

Laptop Brands-Dell vs HP vs Sony vs Lenovo

Lists pros and cons of various notebook brands

Laptops 11
Few Videos taken @ Ramoji Film City Travel0

Watching news inside a movie

Read to know more...


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