Thursday, April 22, 2010

About Shrinidhi Hande and his travel blog

2 Minute Elevator pitch
  1. Blogging since 2006- 2200+ posts and 18000+ comments
  2. Alexa India Rank 12000-14000 (Approx range at present)
  3. Traveled to 23 countries and counting
  4. Key focus areas: Travel, lifestyle, automobiles
  5. Average posting frequency- 4-5 times a week
  6. DA: 34, PA: 42
Detailed Profile & stats
I'm Shrinidhi Hande, I am an Associate Manager in an MNC and in my free time, I pursue blogging as a hobby and passion. I'm 33 years young and currently live in Chennai, India. My key interests are travel, adventure and automobiles.
During tandem skydiving in Mysore, December 2013
Connect with me on Facebook * Twitter (3500+ followers) * LinkedIn * Instagram (850+ followers)*  Youtube (600+ subscribers) or mail me: admin at enidhi dot net

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As a blogger and Writer

Blogging since May 2006, (initially on is completing 10 years. This blog focuses largely on travel, automobiles, lifestyle and product reviews.

Key stats as of March 2016:
  • Google Page rank: 3
  • Indiblogger Rank: 81 (Updated July 2015)
  • Alexa Rank: India: 13500, Global: 130000 (as of March 8, 2016)
  • No of posts: 2200 and counting
  • Comments so far: 18000+
  • Frequency of update: 4-5 posts per week
  • Domain Authority: 34, Page Authority: 44
  • Klout Score: 63
Note: Stats are dynamic and change over time. Ask me for latest if required.

This blog is recognized as one of the top travel blogs in India by several independent surveys. Quick list below:

Year 2017

Speaker at Travelers Meet, Chennai, May 2017
Year 2016:
Dec 2016: Spoke at How to Travel the world on budget unconference, Chennai

Feb 2016:  Recognised among top 20 travel influencers in India by

July 2016: Travel 20 most creative travel bloggers of India

July 2016: Ankionthemove: Top 20 people I met on the road

August 2016 : Featured in Techdivine Power Digital Users

Year 2015: 
1. Baggout "16 socially active travel blogs in India
2.TravelGenes 20 Awesome Travel Bloggers to look out for in 2015
July 2015: Got my first physical Best blogger award- Best Urban Chennai Blogger award at EchovMe Urban Tree Chennai blogger's meet.

Year 2014:
1. Myoksha's list of Top 15 Indian Travel Bloggers 2014
2. Quoted in this's profiling of select travel bloggers
3. Social beat Top lifestyle bloggers in Chennai

Year 2013 : 
1. Why Travel Top 51 travel blogs and magazines in India
2. HotelDepot Top 30 travel blogs in India-2013 (link is down now)

Year 2010
I was one of the 3 Official Bloggers for Tata Nano, for the Tata Nano Superdrive Green Route, (Season 1, 2010) a 26 days Road trip covering entire south India. [Details]. This blog has facilitated business worth up to 30 lakhs by providing a platform for readers to buy and sell memberships [Read More]

I'm contributing as an Official/Guest Blogger at various corporate and group blogs, such as
I have given couple of talks at academic institutions about Social Media
  • A talk at a CII Innovation Event about Social Media for Students, 2011 [Details]
  • A talk about relevance of blogging at Loyola College, August 2010 [Details]
  • Talk about Blogging and workshop on blogging- MSRIT, September 2008
  • Talk at MIC Manipal during Article 19, 2009 
  • Talk about Corporate Blogging- MMSC- Manipal Institute of Communication, 2008
  • Talk on Social Media at Tumkur University, Feb 2012 [Details]
I've been regularly writing articles that are published in mainstream media. Some of them are:
  • Blissful Binsar, Ergo (The Hindu Group publication), November 2008 [Read More]
  • Weekend on a Scorpio- Ergo, October 2010 [Read More]
  • Kannada article in Vijaya Karnataka, 1st Feb 2009 Read More
  • Article on Rock climbing at Ramanagaram, published in Ergo [Read More]
  • Kannada article in Taranga about tiger temples, Sep 2012 [Read More]
  • Read all
I have live blogged several events and conferences as an Official Blogger.
Some of them are:

  • CII Connect 2010, Tamil Nadu's premiere ICT event, jointly organized by CII, STPI and Govt of TN 
  • IAMAI Conference on Digital Payments and Financial Inclusion, Hotel Tajmahal Palace n Towers, Mumbai, 6th August 2010 
  • IAMAI Free for SMEs Conference, Delhi, July 6 2010
  • IAMAI Mobile Application Developers' Meet, IIM-Bangalore, June 29 2010 
  • IAMAI Marketing Conclave, 29th April 2010, New Delhi 
  • IAMAI Mobile Ad Conference, 7th April 2010 Mumbai 
  • IAMAI Conference on National Security and Digital Technology, 24th March 2010, New Delhi 
  • CII Connect 2009 Conference, Chennai, 2009
  • WebInnovations 08 Summit , May 2008, Mumbai
I was quoted in several print articles and TV shows over time
  • Auto Car India story o self drive car rentals-May 2015- link
  • NDTV Good times, Road Trip Thailand show, April 2014
  • TV9 Kannada and English quotes Shrinidhi in its report on Tata Nano Superdrive [Watch video]
  • Mangalore Today quotes Shrinidhi regarding Tata Nano Superdrive, June 2010 [Read]
  • Deccan Chronicle features Shrinidhi Hande in an article about Windows 7 [Read More]
  • Mint features Shrinidhi and his blog in an article on Mainstream media lifting contents from blogs [Read]
  • Times of India publishes a photograph clicked by Shrinidhi Hande, without authorization and later publishes clarification [Details]
  • Chennai Times quotes Shrinidhi on trekking
  • Chenaai Times quotes Shrinidhi on fuel price hike

As an IT Professional:
I have close to 11 years of IT Experience. I started off my career as Software Engineer at Satyam and then handled key responsibilities as a Business Analyst. Currently I am working as a Sr Business Analyst at a leading IT services and consulting MNC, specializing in software products. I've worked for several fortune 500 clients in the space of Container Shipping, Oil and Gas, Pharma, e-Commerce and Consumer Retails. More details on LinkedIn. Detailed professional profile is available on demand.

As a Travel Enthusiast:
I enjoy travel and exploration, particularly renting cars on self drive and going on long drives. I've been fortunate to be able to visit 10 countries so far (Tripadvisor says I've covered only 7% of the world), but have much more to cover.

Some of the travelogues:
International Travel:
I don't call myself globe throttler yet but I've had my share of world travel. Have been fortunate to visit about 17 countries so far and wish to explore more. According to Tripadvisor travel map I have covered 12% of the world so far.

Check these posts for details of US, Chile * Srilanka * Singapore * Europe *Australia * Denmark * Germany and Malaysia travel
Countries visited (listed in the order of visit, first one first):
  1. India (11 states and 4 UTs yet to be explored)
  2. Srilanka 
  3. Chile 
  4. Malaysia 
  5. USA 
  6. Singapore 
  7. Thailand 
  8. Denmark 
  9. Sweden 
  10. Germany 
  11. Netherlands
  12. Belgium
  13. Lithuania 
  14. Norway 
  15. Switzerland 
  16. Finland 
  17. Australia 
  18. Macau 
  19. Hong Kong
  20. Indonesia 
  21. Maldives 
  22. Philippines 
  23. Japan
  24. Bhutan

Brands I've worked with: 

Contact Details: 
I will be happy to work with brands- particularly auto, travel, lifestyle, tourism boards. You can leave me a message on facebook or mention me in twitter, write a comment on this post with your contact details (which will not be published if you wish) or mail me at admin at enidhi dot net


Andy said...

Hi Shrinidhi,
Seasons Greetings !
Like to contact you.
Anand Dabke

leo said...

hello friends i have honest submission regarding club mahindra resorts, the resorts are of very good quality BUT accomadation is next to impossible.
1)initially i was a white season member , when ever i used to call them for a booking in advance of 6 months in any of the resorts in karnataka or tamilnadu I used to get a reply which said ” the resorts are full and you are travelling in a higher season”
2)Later i planned with in the season i.e white season , still i used to get the same reply ” OUR RESORTS ARE FULL ”
3)After having all these problems later i decided to upgrade my season to peak season member ship by spending extra money hoping to enjoy a vacation unfortunately now also i get the same reply. : (
5)To BEAT all the above i called them recently for a stay in Goa, i got a reply that the resorts are full, later I called THEM AS A NON MEMBER IT WAS A SHOCK OF MY LIFE I GOT A REPLY THAT RESORT IS AVAILABLE OFCOURSE WITH A HEFTY PRICE”


Shrinidhi Hande said...


Better use the posts related to CM for your comments..

Also they've something called Hotel Units, which are separate inventory compared to what is offered for members..

Rohit Tripathi said...

Hi Srinidhi,

how are you doing? I have recently purchased a domain for my blog from Google and not sure if i should move it to my new custom domain, or let it be like it is right now on blogger. what would you suggest? and if i should move to the custom one, what is the Pro and Cons?


Shrinidhi Hande said...

Unless you're very particular about customizing etc, I'd suggest run it on google...

Gowtham said...

Went through your 'About' page. Very interesting. Being travel enthusiastic and lover of cars and driving them, I like your blog. Keep flow going.

Shrinidhi Hande said...

Thanks Gowtham

Anonymous said...

Hi Srinidhi...

Would like to speak to you i sthere any contact number we can speak :)

Diwakar Sharma

Shrinidhi Hande said...

Pls drop your email Id, I will mail back

Sharmila Rao said...

This is a little off beat question, which part of India are you from Shrinidhi? Kannada speaking by any chance, I am a part Hande, that's why I am asking

Shrinidhi Hande said...

I am from Udupi.. I do speak Kannada

Tooby said...

Dear optimize your blog .. you have good articles .. in your home page use only important excerpts of the post not the whole post. Your posts will vanish from search results.

Shrinidhi Hande said...

Tooby: noted. thanks for the suggestion

Vishal Verma said...

Nice blog...I am a newbie started blogging 2 months back

Know The Answer

Kundan Kumar said...

Really great Post! I've enjoyed reading through your blog because of the great style and energy. I have a blog on travel theme. If you're interested, we would love to have you on as a guest blogger. Please send me an e-mail and I can give you more information. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Shrinidhi Hande said...

Hi Kundan,

I am not sure how to contact you...

Explorer said...

Hello , read you cruise review. I want some more information on cruise experience in India for my work.I am unable to find your e-mail id to send the related questions. Could you help me in gaining some more information on the cruises in India.

sanchit gupta said...

Try to review my site-
looking to see how it has gone down with the users :)

sanchit gupta said...

Try to review my site-
looking to see how it has gone down with the users :)

rajendra reddy said...

Nice can you list below websites on your reviews page please.

Swaminathan R said...

Hello Shrinidhi,

Had come across your blog when trying to find out how to sell my Club Mahindra Membership...We loved all the resorts (4) we have been to.. tho booking can be a bit taxing...However, since we have adopted a dog recently, our vacations are curtailed as we dont want to leave our pooch with strangers even for a day!.Hence, wanted some help...Is there any way you can help me ? Would appreciate a reply.
Nisha Swaminatan

Joz said...

Hey Shrinidhi,
I really appreciate your honest take on things - movies, cars and services. Thanks so much for sharing. good luck!

Ravi Sekar Reddy said...

Hi Sri

I used to follow your blog.
Thanks for all the information.

I need one unbiased advice.

I am presently having a M800 with AC. Did 1,40,000 KM.

Pl advice which one to choose either Ertiga or Duster.(Both diesel).


Shrinidhi Hande said...

Hi Ravi

Ertiga and Duster are in 2 different class.. Ertiga is 7 seater, cheaper, good as a family vehicle for road trips.

Duster on the other hand is 5 seater, bit expensive and is good for rugged usage (even 4x4 is available).. So without knowing your usage I can't recommend.

Ravi Sekar Reddy said...

Thanks Sri,

My monthly usage is 1000 km in city and 500 km on high way to go to native.

Ertiga is fine for me but I am not sure about it's capability on ghats as I am planning to go to Leh next year.

Pl recommend which one to choose.


Shrinidhi Hande said...


Ertiga is fine on the ghats-handles corners well and has good stability. However it doesn't have as much ground clearance, power and 4x4 system that top spec duster has.

Given the price difference of several lakhs, I suggest you buy Ertiga for everyday use, with money saved, rent some big SUVs on need basis.

If going to Leh is just one time mission, you can simply rent an SUV from Delhi and use it.

NOte that even Swift has successfully crossed Leh, so Ertiga is very much capable but you will have to play it carefully.

Best wishes

Bhargav Kesavan said...

OMG!! You're works are amazing... haha I've casually opened your 'aboue me' page but it made me go crazy!!! For a person who had a wish to make his blog a travelogue your works made me think I'm some 'dot' :D

Keep rocking... I'm following your blog from today... All the best :)

Best Regards, (hsr stands for my hometown - Hosur, TN.)

Shrinidhi Hande said...

Thanks for the kind words Bhargav

Tushar said...

You are an inspiration for sure for many. Keep traveling no matter land or air. Best Wishes!!

Shrinidhi Hande said...

Thanks Tushar

Unknown said...

Hi Shrinidhi,
I am regular reader of your blog & it is always filled with lot of useful information.
I would like to check with you if you have done any research on Rooftop Solar power generation (grid tied system) from which we can export power to BESCOM. Just wanted to check if you have come across this in Chennai? It is slowly picking up in Bangalore, but not many people are opting because of huge initial cost!

Let me know if you find some info on this.


Shrinidhi Hande said...

@Anant: Appreciate your readership. Unfortunately I haven't done any research on the same and haven't noticed it in Chennai. Will keep an eye open.


Thanks for all the information...

Shrinidhi Hande said...

You're welcome

vignesh said...

HI Shrinidhi,

This is Vignesh from Congo, your blog is very inspiring. May I know how much it cost to run your website?


Shrinidhi Hande said...

Lots of time & effort which is difficult to quantify, 10 USD per year for domain

ramabadran seshadri iyengar said...

i have linked your link into my blog.

i may contact you shrinidhi hande

Shrinidhi Hande said...

Sure. Looking forward

belonomi said...

a really cool blog. I want to be able to be like you. How do you do?

Shrinidhi Hande said...

I am fine. Thanks

Lets make life meaningful said...

Hi Shrinidhi,

Great Blog & Definitely a worthwhile life you are pursuing.
Keep it Up.
It will be great to know how do you plan your travel.


Nishant Gupta said...

Hi,sir I want ur advice for purchasing club mahindra membership
Is it beneficial for purchasing cm white studio 2010 for 1.25 lakhs

Nishant Gupta said...

Hi,sir I want ur advice for purchasing club mahindra membership
Is it beneficial for purchasing cm white studio 2010 for 1.25 lakhs

Shrinidhi Hande said...

I wouldn't personally recommend. But if you are very keen knowing all negative aspects then go for it

Rashmi Rao said...

Great blog Srinidhi:) Sooo many posts; read few. Look forward to reading many more:)

Shrinidhi Hande said...

Thanks Rashmi

Dinesh Holla said...

Dear Mr Shrinidhi Hande.. your blog and writing is great specially on our Mantapa upaadhya.. I am also from saligrama.. please visit my blog to see some of my creative works..Thanks and Regards. :)

vignesh said...

I see that you are posting on an average one article per day. May I know how do you manage your time? I suppose you are working as full time. Do you find time to do other things viz. sports, etc. May be, I am getting personnel but curious to know!

Shrinidhi Hande said...


I break a trip into lots of smaller topics and write on one topic at a time- one small post a day- this way it has been easier to manage. I spend about an hour or two every day (usually late evening after office or early morning) on blog and may be little more on weekends if I am at home.

Hope this helps

Rupika Oberoi said...


I would like to submit article.

Please help me for the same.


Shrinidhi Hande said...


I am not looking for guest posts. Sorry

Anonymous said...

Shrinidhi, Thank you for your detailed directions to Huthridurga near Magadi.

We used your directions a couple of weeks ago - and the details and pics were most helpful.

For the record the alternative route from Magadi is supposed to be a good way to get there too. Bengaluru - Magadi - Left fork onto Huliyurdurga road - Right turn to Yelagalavadi and then on to Huthridurga (Yelagalavadi, etc can be seen on Google maps)

As is often the case in our country - even folks in Magadi often don't have all the information on 'getting there'.


Shrinidhi Hande said...

Thanks Vijay.

Yes, we are not that good at promoting our places of interest...

Venu said...

Got your reference through your friend who is also a friend of mine :)
I am from Bangalore and trying to use self drive car rental service for first time. Which company do you recommend?

Shrinidhi Hande said...

Each company has its pros and cons- there is no one answer- Revv, Zoomcar, Myles are worthy considerations- check their policies, charges and identify what works better or cheaper. They all have very simple process- if still not sure, begin with any one-do not worry much.

Dhivya Shree said...

great article sri

Fly With Shaunak said...

Hello Shrinidhi, we are already connected on FB & Instagram. Loved your website, although I admit I came here first time. Your career graph is very much the same as me (except for the travel part), so I already feel the connect.

Good to follow you :) Goodluck.