My unique assignment: Updates from the everest

I’m on a unique assignment. Regular readers of this blog would have read 2 of the previous posts on Sandhosh Kumar, who is climbing Mount Everest. Read them here and here

As I write this, Sandhosh has started his journey towards Everest base camp. He is close to one week into his 65 days expedition, along with a team of 7 mountaineers and 2 guides. Sandhosh is very keen on well documenting is journey and sharing it with the world as he travels. However, despite the advancement in technology and telecommunication, it is both difficult and expensive to communicate with rest of the world as one starts climbing Everest.
sandhosh-kumar-namche-bazaarOn our way to Everest view hotel - Everest is right on top of Louis with green shirt 
My unique assignment here is to assist Sandhosh Kumar share his experience with the world. During the initial few days when he happened to pass through the towns where he could get some connectivity, he was able to update his blog and facebook profiles himself. However, as he treks through areas of no connectivity, his only mode of communication will be the satellite phone.

At regular intervals-at his convenience and depending on need, Sandosh would call me through his satellite phone and brief me on his recent activities, his current position and so on, and my task is to update the same information on his pacebook page and periodically update his blog. Sandhosh’s friends, family members and fans (as well has those of his team members) will be following his blog and facebook account closely for any updates and they’ll be kept informed through out his journey.

I’m excited at this assignment, of being the first person to know the updates up above in the Himalayas and be able to help a bit from my side. Here’re some photos he’s shared already.
View from the plane ride 16-seater propeller

Stay tuned to his blog- Climb Everest with Me and facebook page for regular updates. I can also convey your msgs to him. Your support will be much valuable in boosting his spirit.


  1. Good job. Keep posting. We will follow Sandhosh through your updates..

  2. Good work Nidhi. Will be waiting for the updates.

  3. Hey, nice! :) Was looking forward to this.

  4. Wishing him all the very best for a successful climb on Mt Everest.

  5. Good job Shri, All the best for ur assignment

  6. Thanks Shekhar, Mohan, Sandeep, Vishesh. Thanks a lot

  7. everest is really amazing man......i too wanna pay a visit to this awesome nice pics u got there

  8. I will be following Sandosh's progress towards Everest, through your blog.

  9. Thanks Ramesh, Jyoti, Tech and Hebbar sir.

    Most of the updates will be available at his blog than mine. Pls refer there. Already initial 7 days have been covered.

  10. it's good to see this information in your post, i was looking the same but there was not any proper resource, thanx now i have the link which i was looking for my research.

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