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Birds of Karanjikere, Mysore

-2020 update: Had to remove photos due to technical issue (site where I had uploaded them went down)- will try to restore -

Karanji lake and gardens in Mysore is a bird watchers’ paradise. I couldn’t explore this place fully due to time constraints, so another visit is due during next Mysooru visit.

Here’re some photos taken during the last visit.

Green Bee eater and White Dove
I’m told these are called Pheasants.

A different coloured Pheasant and Brahminy Kite

Peacock (More Photos of Peacock, with fully open feathers, in a separate post) and Pegions
elican and Purple Moorhen

A duck with its head immersed in water and a little Cormorant drying its wings

Thanks to Ram for his assistance in naming some of the above birds. We spent about 90 minutes or so at Karanji lake. Should spend at least half a day during next visit.

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  1. Lovely, good to see so many birds.

  2. I had been to Ranganathitu and it was really beautiful. This place looks good too, with so many beautiful birds.

  3. Thanks Mridula, SRA Sir, Nethra, Purba and Pratibha

  4. Nice!! Especially the last pic.

    I have been to this is peaceful and soothing. You can find few of my clicks at Karanji here

  5. Very nice pics!

    btw, i like ur crisp writing on the comment form above!


  6. One more thing.. If you visit this place in the month of May.. do visit the butterfly park which is at the dead end of the walk. Beautiful. Couldn't resist talking more about this place.. it is was once my morning walk destination.

  7. Wonderful pictures. Liked your travel posts!

  8. Thanks Sameera, checked your blog post, wonderful..

    Thanks RESTLESS :) Get some rest :)

    Sameera: Butterfly park was closed an d was told construction work is underway connecting this with Mysore Zoo in an underground path

    Mridula: Thanks

    Sajeev: Thanks


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