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Negombo, Srilanka- Dutch Fort, fishmarket, Church

Saturday morning… Let me prepare couple of blog posts first and everything else later.

This post shares few photos clicked in and around Negombo town. Negombo town is located 40kms north of Colombo. Negombo is much closer to Colombo international airport than Colombo town and hotels here are bit cheaper than the capital city.

This post shares photos of some popular landmarks in Negombo town, that we could explore. Negombo is said to have some beautiful lagoons- due to lack of time and guidance we couldn’t find any during our short exploration.
Our day 2 morning agenda was to explore Negombo a bit and catch 10.30AM train to Colombo. We took an auto and asked him to take us to the lagoon area. His asking fare of LKR 1000 came down to sensible LKR 200 after talking to him in tamil. He dropped us near a bridge. It was kind of backwaters, but nothing much scenic. Looked like a boat repair and parking yard for local fishermen. We’d missed breakfast and enjoyed nice tender coconuts at LKR 30 apiece. A short walk took us to a Dutch Fort. This fort is now converted into a prison and hence not open for tourists. Nothing big/great about the place either-appeared too small and simple one. Click on the images to enlarge and read history.
Next to Dutch fort is a small church- St Stephens Church and Sunday mass was in progress. Few fishermen were fixing their nets there and upon seeing us they offered to take us for a ride on their boats into the backwaters. Their demanded fare was LKR 2000 for half an hour ride and LKR 5000 for 2 hour ride. We didn’t have time for boat ride and hence told them we’d come back in evening if possible.

The famous Negombo fish market was nearby, but was closed on Sunday. A stadium nearby was also deserted.

We took 2 tuk tuks (LKR 100 each) and arrived at railway station by about 9.45AM. The ticket counter was closed, but people were waiting outside. We tried to figure out if train is on time and when the counter would open, but no one could give convincing answers (language problem). We went to nearby bakery, had some food, came back by 10.15, still no sign of counter opening. Eventually we learnt that train will be late by 15-20 minutes, tentative. We weren’t sure if it will come in 20 minutes or might get delayed further. We decided to abandon waiting for train n catch a bus, but as we walked , Praveen’s friend called and confirmed  arrival of train, we walked back to station and waited. 
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  1. Very nice Shri... Your posts always make me feel that 'm travelling with you. Thanks for sharing...

    And 'm I seeing some BAJAJ and TATA vehicles!!

  2. Thanks Deb. That's a lot of complement...

    Yes, SL doesn't have any major auto manufacturer.. all vehicles are imported from India or mainly Japan

  3. Good photoblog on the Dutch Fort....seems comparable to Dansborg fort.

  4. I've not seen Dansborg fort...

    Only outer wall and a tower is left, rest destroyed

  5. Looks very peaceful including the station place! Great pics.

  6. Wonderful shots. Looks like you had a great time.

  7. Lovely photos :) Beautiful place :)


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