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Srilanka: General lifestyle Observations

This post shares a set of random observations made while touring Srilanka-of things that are different from what we would find in India

1. While returning from Nuwara Eliya we saw lot of pipes ejecting water out for nothing. Couldn’t understand the logic/reason for this. May be they are releasing excessive water collected somewhere.

2. LKR 500 fine for those found throwing waste around. Strictly enforced and complied with. Shopkeepers are responsible for keeping surrounding areas clean. Strictly enforced and probably primary reason why the country is visibly clean.

3. Most of the signboards are written in Sinhalese, Tamil and English. Sinhalese scrip appears to be a mix of Telugu, Kannada and may be Malayalam- are you able to read them?

3. Public telephones: If such phones are installed in India, how many days they’d last before being stolen/vandalized?

4. Local people do not seem to have any idea of chat items as evening snacks. When asked if they  have any chat shops, we drew a blank. Didn’t spot any chat items in hotel menu, roadside shops or otherwise. Some hotels sell Samosa like stuff, but always stuffed with fish inside. Good business opportunity for hotel owners to set up a chain of chat shops and give them the taste of Samosa, Panipuri and the likes!

5. Driving in SL will be similar to driving in India. I’m told one can get temporary license at airport itself. All kinds of cars are available for rent if you have the money. 

6. The Zigzag yellow lines you see on the road-indicate pedestrian crossing. Unlike in India where vehicle owners threaten pedestrians to backoff, vehicles willingly slow down at these junctions if they spot pedestrians.

7. Fuel cost in SL is equivalent to Indian prices

8. Bollywood movies are played in Srilanka with local language transcripts. But any scene involving smoking is promptly cut off as per govt regulation

9. In general the security is tight- both in cities as well as country side... Srilanka's major threat. LTTE now wiped out, but vigil is still maintained.

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  1. wonderfully presented . Simple things matter most .

  2. Good observations! It is Sinhalese and not simhalese :)

    Usually in highlands people trap water that cascade down the mountain using pipes for their use. When not in use, the easier method is to let it flow back to the stream.

    I thought Lanka's fuel price is the highest in the region.

  3. Hi Heminda


    Will correct the spell error

    Fuel prices in India differ from city to city-cheapest in Delhi, expensive in Blr... My estimation of SL fuel price and its comparison may not be perfect, but it was very close...

    TGS: Thanks

  4. lot more info about the lovely country and its etiquette.

  5. nicely written .. you can mention about tight security at many public places esp in fort area. the nation is still not completely come out of their civil unrest.

    Chat items ? Not sure whether they will prefer it over their sea food delicacies ..

  6. Shande:
    Thanks for the inputs

    Chat items: what's wrong trying something new apart from sea food...


  7. 1. The zebra crossing looks weird! Like a current attack :P but the people seem to have a better civic sense that we lack.

    2.No chaats? Surprising! Can't believe it too. Ahan! Wondering how a Rajasthani marwari or Gujrati has not tapped this biz opportunity yet :P

  8. LR: The zeebra crossing gives more space for pedestrians...

    Hmm, me too surprised, why the idea hasn't reached them yet..


  9. I thought fuel was cheaper in Lanka. In fact, diesel was about 80 LKR per liter and petrol about 110 LKR per liter...both of them work much lesser when converted to INR. And definitely way cheaper than Bangalore

  10. Sankara: Ok, may be little cheaper- depending on which Indian city and conversion rates..


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