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Ramboda Falls Hotel, Srilanka: Review

-2020 update: Had to remove photos due to technical issue (site where I had uploaded them went down)- will try to restore -

Ramboda is a beautiful waterfalls enroute from Kandy to Nuwara Eliya, Srilanka. The Ramboda falls is located in a fairly deserted forest area but giving it company is a small hotel unit close by.

The hotel unit is simply called Ramboda Falls Hotel. This is a small hotel & restaurant unit where we stopped for lunch while returning from Nuvera Eliya. Ramboda Falls Hotel is a very small campus with few rooms and a restaurant and is always filled with foreign tourists. The hotel& restaurant facility is located few hundred meters downhill from the main road, compared to the level at which highway passes.

Ramboda Falls Hotel is expensive for middle class folks- Buffet lunch costs LKR 1000, most of the ala carte items cost LKR 500-600 upwards. Ramboda Falls Hotel has got two types of rooms- one is normal room, costing US$ 70-80, the other one is special room priced at US$ 130 per day (special room has a balcony and falls view). The rooms are small and simple. On their own the rooms are just not worth the price tag, but what makes the price justifiable is the ambiance and location. If you feel being able to see a beautiful waterfall right from your window all through the day is priceless, then you probably won’t mind paying INR 6000+ for a day to stay in this Ramboda Falls hotel. (A sort of Jungle Lodges kind of experience, for twice the price)

To give a cost comparison, the budget hotel we stayed a t in Negombo was priced at US$ 15 per room per day, Super Luxury hotel Hilton Colombo rates start at US$152 (bed & breakfast)
Ramboda Falls hotel is not the only hotel in the region. There’re several hotels in Nuwara Eliya town and around, most of them offering similar greenery with prices ranging US$ 70-150. Some tea plantations also accommodate guests. I’ve not explored these options. But having a waterfall in its vicinity remains the specialty of this hotel

Ramboda Falls is located right in the middle of a not so dense forest and if you stay here for a day, you can explore the nature around in much more detail than you can do while driving through. There’re water streams to take bath in, a tunnel, and lot of trekking and bird watching opportunities.

The Ramboda falls hotel is well staffed with friendly manager and crew. Monkey menace was also noticed in the campus, as forest monkeys attempt to take some food times left unattended  by staff/visitors

They had a minivan whose fulltime job is to take tourists uphill till the main road and back. However it refused to ferry us- not sure of the reason (may be because we weren’t staying there or because we weren’t white skinned tourists who would tip generously)

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  1. lovely place but sad to note the jarring note of discrimination

  2. the first pic is awesome! the place must be really beautiful! they seem to be making the most of the view by charging such prices :)

  3. deepak: Yes. Our driver spoke to that cab driver-couldn't make out what they spoke- it was just 100 meters or so and wasn't a worry.

    Ram: Thanks

    Geeta: Thanks

    Anu: Yes. Thanks


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