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SilverSand Budget Hotel, Negombo, SL Review

Hotel Silver Sand is where we stayed for close to 2 days during our SL visit. Located in Negombo town near sea shore, Silversand is a budget hotel with basic facilities and friendly owner. The hotel gets enough patronage from international tourists. The reason we chose Silversands were simple: rates were affordable, location appeared nice, we got quick reply from the owner when we enquired and booking could be confirmed without any prepayment.

This post will be useful if you’re evaluating this hotel for stay purposes. Else ignore.

What’s good at Silver Sand Hotel?
  • Highly affordable: Room with 3 beds priced at LKR 2200 per day, Room with 2 beds priced at 1600 LKR per day.
  • Has a small library full of books- Not many hotels will have this. If you enjoy reading, you can grab some book and enjoy them lying by the seashore
  • Located on the sea shore-can walk into beach any time
  • Friendly owner (Mr. Francis)
  • Cycles available for rent at LKR 150 per day (The cycles were not in great condition though)
  • 3-4 kms from railway station/bus stand. Not too far.
  • We could book over email and no advance payment was necessary.

What is not so good:
  • The locality seems to be mosquito prone. We didn’t encounter them in large numbers, but all rooms had mosquito net setup
  • Bathroom fittings were very loose and shaking
  • NO TV and weak fan
  • Power sockets weren’t working properly. Had to use workarounds.
  • Just enough space in room to move around.
Note: Some of the above could be specific to the rooms where we stayed. At a low rate of US$ 15-23 per room per day, I shouldn’t be expecting Hilton like facility and services…

Hotel has 2 floors and lot of rooms. Silversands has a restaurant unit that closes by 9PM. Food cost at par with what neighbouring hotels cost. Like veg fried rice at LKR 350 or so.

There were many hotels and guesthouses along the sea around Silversands.

Hotel website:
Contact Info:

Mr Francis
Hotel Silver Sands
229 Lewis Place,
Sri Lanka.
Telephone:  031-2222880
Tel/Fax:  031-2237364

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  1. Budget hotel but looks gr8 in terms of space and cleaniness. Most tourist destination have the problem of hotel maintainence, with cockroaches, bed bugs and mosquitos

  2. Yes, it was good value for money. No complaints as such

  3. Helpful information. This time when I am going to SL, staying at homestays and bungalows. Totally giving hotels a miss. Let's see how that goes.

  4. When I visited Sri Lanka, I found the hotels to be very good and value for money. When you compare them price for price with Indian hotels, I felt we got a good deal.


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