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Puri Jagannath Temple lookalike on ECR, Chennai

-2020 update: Had to remove photos due to technical issue (site where I had uploaded them went down)- will try to restore -

I wasn’t aware that a small Jagannath Temple is existing in the outskirts of Chennai. This post by Aarti in CLAY gave a hint and I visited the Jagannath Temple in Chennai this morning.

Here’re some photos of this Puri lookalike Jagannath temple on East Coast Road outside Chennai. It is not a 100% replica of the Puri temple, but has some resemblance.
Below left: Side view of the Chennai Jagannath temple, Refer google for images of Puri Jagannath Temple
There’re a few other supplementary temples around the main temple.

Some nicely carved idols outside the temple

Other related information about Jagannatha temple:
Timings: 6.30AM to 12.30AM and 3.30Pm to 7.30PM
How to go to Jagannath Temple on ECR?
While going from Chennai, slow down after crossing the toll gate on ECR. You need to take a left turn at a market like are about 1km after toll gate. (This town comes before Mayajaal, so if you see Mayajal understand that you’ve crossed Jagannath temple and come back). Proceed towards the sea, about 100meters before hitting seashore you’ll see a signboard suggesting you take right turn towards Jagannath Temple. If still lost ask localites about Jagannaath Temple.

Entry fee/parking fee etc: None.

Thanks to Aaroo4 for the tip off…

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  1. Interesting. Next time i visit chennai , will try to visit.

    Btw, I don't think that is the actual photo of original Jaganath Puri temple. Or is it? It does not seem to be for me.

    1. This is not Jagannath's Puri temple. It is a replica of it in Chennai.

  2. I've not seen the original Puri temple and had to refer to Google for an image. Let me see what others say

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  4. Read about it and also shared on Facebook wall

  5. The photo is not of Jagannath temple, i am sure..i have been there twice!

    Anyway, the temple does look very tranquil!

  6. This one is news to me, I never knew of this temple in Chennai. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Thanks Arti. Will replace the pic.

    SRA Sir,
    you're welcome

  8. Wonderful info, i believe i should cover this destination in my next visit, it is heartening to note that old temples replica is being built in modern age......

  9. Sure Umesh.

    Removed incorrect photo of Puri temple

  10. nice temple of lord jagannath. i recently called to the temple for a staying 2-3 days but they told that the charge is minimum 7000/- yes seven thousand per day. i think simply the temple administration loot the people if this correct . yes this the correct information i told u. the tamilnadu govt should immediately seal the office and seize the temple. and it creats a bad fame to tempel state tamilnadu. the temple administration must get the land in lesser price, all the construction materials from the donation of bhaktas. then why they charges 7000/- perday. the tamilnadu govt should immedidately inquiry about any racket if any..and take the control of temple to his hand. manoj bhubaneswar


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