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NICE road Blr-will it remain nice?

Never mind the heavy toll, many Bangaloreans prefer nice road, because it is pot hole free, facilitates quick transit and saves on time.

Over a period of time will toll roads retain their advantages? During Tour of Nilgiris I had another ride on nice road. Unlike previous rides I wasn't driving, so had the opportunity of taking some pics. Cyclists are not allowed on NICE road, but TFN organizers received special permission to allow cyclists to use NICE Road.

Couple of observations...

There're couple of water bodies around NICE road as of now. Will they remain so in future or will they be leveled and removed from map altogether?

Stone mining is happening near NICE road in a rapid pace. Expect these rocks to vanish in few years and high rises come up in their place

Apartment complexes coming up near NICE road. Expect more traffic.
 Some people having good time on top of an overbridge
Aria on Nice Road

NICE road-looks nice when empty..
But is not always empty. Traffic does pile up near toll gate. All time saved by cruising is spent waiting here at toll gate
Nice road king Ashok Kheni's posters and cut out can be seen all around.
Kannada movie puttakkana highway is an excellent watch to understand how highways change life for local people. Below is a still from Puttakkana Highway movie, which seem to represent NICE road in more ways than one.
I have another highway story unfolding at my native place. More about it later


  1. A few days ago a friend met with an accident there because a truck was parked and since it was dark my friend rammed his bike in it. Surprised that after paying toll on a road we have got a road which has a managing directors cutouts where there should be streetlights. No one has protested this. Sad.


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