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Pond on rock-Kolankal

This post is about a little known place some 40 kms off Udupi.

Kolankal is a a name formed by joining 2 kannada words- Kola (Pond) and Kal (Rock). Essentially it is about a pond located on top of a rock. 

Despite being on a rock, the pond will have water all through the year. A temple is situated adjacent to it, where devotees worship lord Ganesha.

One climbs about 50 steps to reach on top of the rock. The location had many other rocks nearby, most of which have been blasted using dynamite and taken away by quarrying. Only the current rock is left, mainly due to presence of temple
How to go to Kolankal?

Kolankal is not on any tourist map, it is not even on Google map. It is located off Barkur-Haladi road in Udupi district. Reach a town called Bidkalkatte and ask for directions. Worth a visit if you're passing by.

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  1. Seems like a nice little place if you pass from there. Lovely images.

  2. Good revamping of your site and title. thanks for the info on kolankal

  3. seems interesting..
    will surely try and visit next time am passing that way.. thanks for sharing

  4. sounds like Dharwar, another small town in Karnataka. My Grandparents lived there.

  5. Good one
    I appreciate the initiative

  6. Ganesha mogaveera kolankalTuesday, September 02, 2014 8:00:00 PM

    Good job brother. I have created one group called Mahaganapathi bhakthavranda kolankal in face book plz join.
    regards, Ganesha Mogaveera kolankal

  7. Good information.Kolankal Mahagapathi is our "KULADEVARU".

  8. can i share it by my google account sir?


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