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Tata Venture vs Maruti Eeco vs Maruti Omni

Tata Venture is one class above the entry level people mover- Tata Magic, Mahidra Maximo and other share auto like vehicles.

Tata Venture vs Maruti Omni

When compared to Maruti Omni, Venture wins hands down. Omni has been around for decades now and looks outdated, despite few facelifts it has got. Venture's seats, engine, space and looks- all are far more superior to Maruti Omni. Omni carries an 800 cc BS3 engine (same one which powers Maruti 800)
Omni's strength could be its price- about half of Venture GX. Omni has two doors in the middle row while venture has only one. Omni is not available in diesel like Venture, but Omni is available in LPG, CNG fuel options, besides Cargo and Ambulance variants. Venture on the other hand far more stylish, has a diesel engine and wins over Omni in most of the departments.

Tata Venture vs Maruti Eeco

Tata Venture is larger than Eeco in dimension by a few mm. Eeco is powered by 1.2l petrol engine and is a stripped down Versa. Eeco is more powerful and spacious than Omni and is better equipped to challenge Venture.
I have not driven an Eeco, hence unable to compare the driving experience of the two. Eeco is cheaper to buy but Venture will be cheaper to run because of diesel. Eeco has an extra door, but sans most of the features you'd get in Venture. If you're impressed by "You don't need a diesel if you don't travel 50kms a day" theory, then Eeco might be good for you, else Venture can be a better pick.

Having a low cost variant with petrol engine could have helped Venture to compete with Eeco in right price bracket

Below: An Omni owner checks out Venture

Tata Venture vs others

Parked it next to a share auto...Share autos are unbranded and are built over rickshaw chassis. Not really a comparison for Venture though

A driver of a Mahindra Maxximo asked me about the details on venture. We was interested only in cost and mileage...

Maruti is all set to launch a new MPV Ertiga and Nissan is launching Evalia. These are expected to be a class or two above Venture though.

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  1. Venture needs a BS4 engine. otherwise it is good

  2. Omni got huge success in Indian market as most spacious car of that time.Now to replace it Maruti has launched Eeco which resembles with it but technically and looks wise more modern.


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