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Pataleshwar cave temple, Jangli Maharaj Road, Pune

Pataleshwar temple is one of the popular places of worship in Pune, located in JM Road (Junglee Maharaj Road). I was there during April 2010.

Pataleshwara temple is a small campus, located slightly below the ground level (Not really a cave like Borra Caves or any other cave temples you might have seen). It houses couple of idols of Rama, Laxman and Sita and other gods, besides the main god, Lord Siva.
Pataleshwar temple is reportedly carved from single rock and dates back to 700-800 AD. Interiors are rather dark. Worth a brief visit if you have half an hour to spare
Nearby: Jangli Maharaj temple.

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  1. Been to this place...Thanks for sharing and bringing back those memories...:)

  2. much of resemblance with our 'gavi gangadhareshwara' temple near hanumantha nagar, bangalore! Same gods too.. Shiva!

  3. MOhan: Yes, resemblance is there

    Saru: you're welcome

  4. I have visited this temple too. Nice place.

  5. It is really a lovely place for complete peace of mind and to stay away from crowd in Pune city. I also have written an article about Patalashewar caves. Please have a look.


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